Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A birthday poem for Mister Chris Sims

I'm a bull of very little brain / But I have great friends on the internet
Marvel Premiere #20 panels

And when it's their birthday again / What kind of gifts for them to get?
Marvel Premiere #20 panels

Now this time it's for pal Chris Sims / Who likes his action wild and rough
Marvel Premiere #20 panels

With kicking feet and thrashing limbs / And all his heroes built Ford tough
Marvel Premiere #20 panels

Don't give him just a pair of socks / Presents should be the kind Chris needs
Marvel Premiere #20 panels

Give a fight scene that really rocks / Gift the man not words, but deeds
Marvel Premiere #20 panels

Preferably with some kung fu / And punches to the face and gut
Marvel Premiere #20 panels

No ordinary fight will do / His birthday gift must kick some butt
Marvel Premiere #20 panels

Make it with style and with flair / But let me tell you, for god's sake
Marvel Premiere #20 panels

Don't ever even try to dare / To give the man Anita Blake.
Marvel Premiere #20 panels

So the best gift I can think of / A birthday gift that shows pure class
Marvel Premiere #20 panels

Given with respect and love / Here's Iron Fist kicking Batroc's ass.
Marvel Premiere #20 panels

Happy Birthday, Chris!

All the panels for Chris this year
Are taken from Marvel Premiere
Ish twenty, January, Seventy-Five
When Chris was hardly yet alive.
Tony Isabella did his part
Writing the script. And the art
Was done by Arvell Jones and Dan
Green, kicking ass as only they can.
Coloring was by John Drake
(That's a pen name, make no mistake
For Carl Gafford). And by the way
Letters by Ray Holloway.


Phillip said...

So freakin' cool.

SallyP said...

Magnificent! Chris should be enthralled. I particularly like the sound effects.