Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ten of a Kind: Bunny one so true, I love you

And if you can't get enough bunny-featured comics covers, you may enjoy The story of told by cover book covers with bunnies on them. Unless you're the Pope.

(More Ten of a Kind here.)


J.R. Jenks said...

That Animal Man cover is scarifying. I must send the link to my older brother.

True story. When I was about eight and my brother and I shared a bunk bed, I had a rabbit bank that had glow-in-the-dark eyes. It was shaped like a real rabbit, or rather how a real rabbit would be shaped if that particular real rabbit had glow-in-the-dark eyes and a slot in its back for coins.

I have no idea why anyone would create such a thing, but someone did and I kept my money in it.

My brother would occasionally wait until my parents were asleep and sneak down to the TV room to watch horror movies. This particular night it was Night of the Lepus, a horror film about -- Any Latin fans want to hazard a guess? Anyone? Yes! -- giant radioactive bunny rabbits!

I woke up the next morning to discover that my rabbit bank with its glow-in-the-dark eyes was no longer sitting on the dresser. My brother, having returned to our room after the frightening and explosive end of the movie, couldn't get to sleep with those glowing rabbit eyes watching over him. So he'd hidden the rabbit bank in my sock drawer.

I was, of course, able to use the rabbit and its glowing eyes to frighten him for many nights. And the best part of it was that he couldn't tell Mom and Dad on me because he wasn't supposed to be watching horror movies.

Paul Kristian said...

Is that a rabbit or a roo on Captain Kangaroo's cover?

And I'm sure that ain't a rabbit on the Animal Man cover.

Hate to split hares but it looks like someone has already tries that on his ear!

SallyP said...

That Captain Marvel one, is a hoot.

J.R. Jenks said...

Paul, that's definitely a rabbit with Captain Kangaroo. In fact it is Bunny Rabbit, quiet leporid prankster of the Captain Kangaroo program.