Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Museum of Character Archetypes, Exhibit B

Display No. 1:. Born in the 1910s in the inner city to immigrant Americans. 1940s icon and idol of millions, but believed to be out of touch and an old fogie in the 1970s. Throwback to a simpler, more innocent age. Dead.
Frank Sinatra and Captain America

Display No. 2:. Debonair, dashing, a dynamo with the ladies. Renowned lush. Has alienated himself from his former partner.
Dean Martin and Iron Man

Display No. 3:. Handsome heartthrob. Privileged son of the upper class. A ladies' man, exiled from his world of the aristocracy because of his boisterous antics. Worshipped by some as a god.
Peter Lawford and Thor

Display No. 4. Man of color. Suffered and fought back against irrational hate because of the color of his skin. Not allowed into the casinos his closest associates frequented. One of the hardest-working men in his field. Has dated Kim Novak.
Sammy Davis Jr. and Hulk

Display No. 5: Suffered in the shadow of his more famous compatriots. Frequently referred to as the lesser member of the team. A demanding perfectionist. Known for an infamous and violent temper tantrum.
Joey Bishop and Giant-Man

Display No. 6 Glamorous member of society. Known for her beautiful and extensive wardrobe. Sought to compete in a men's action-oriented world by working at their level. Went through a painful divorce. At times romantically linked to others in the group. A small but dynamic powerhouse.
Angie Dickinson and the Wasp

Group disintegrated in its later years. Members remained close friends but faded in popularity. Others stake modern claim to the name of the group but will never replace these icons. The likes of them will never be seen again: The World's Mightiest.
The Rat Pack and The Avengers


Michael Jones said...

RatPack Reassemble!
Nah, doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Brilliant! (As per usual, Bully m'boy!)

So how does Shirley MacLaine fit into all of this? As the Scarlet Witch, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Love it!

SallyP said...

Bully, sometimes your insight borders on genius. Brilliant!

M. Robert Turnage said...

This is one of the best things you have done. Good golly, that's wonderful!

dmarks said...

Are all the posts here this good?

Anonymous said...

I would say brilliant, but that has been said. So I will go with...GENIUS!

Novice said...

Hulk dated Kim Novak? How did that turn out?

Bully said...

Hulk dated Kim Novak? How did that turn out?


Michael Strauss said...

That's... that's beautiful.

J.R. Jenks said...

Is anyone else impressed by how far ahead Bully plans these things? "Museum of Character Archetypes, Exhibit A" was from 6 months ago, and he thought to call it "Exhibit A" 'cause in his bean-filled head he knew there would be more.

I've always said, and I always shall say: Bully, you stand alone.

Bully said...

It's more that I procrastinated for a long time on setting up Exhibit B, J.R., but thank you for your lovely words! I am black and white and red all over (with blushing).

Stephen said...

sammy davis junior as the hulk....shear genius sir