Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ten of a Kind Extra: When you're a professional pirate/you don't have to wear a suit

(Warning: this post be rated arrrrr.)

Arrr, Jim lad! Just like 'twere last year on this 'ere date, today do be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, arrrr me hearties. Shimmy up the mains'l, swab out the poop deck, shiver yer timbers and hoist a cup o' grog t' salute the cap'n and do be lookin' wit' yer one good eye at this 'ere treasure chest. 'Tis not pieces o' eight, but pieces o' ten...a Ten o' a Kind Extra:

And if ye managed t' survive the Black Spot and ye be lookin' for more swash-bucklin' fun on this 'ere Jolly Roger Day, tug out yer spyglass an' cast yer peeper t' starboard f'r the annual viewin' o' a reconstruction of the best pirate comic book of all time: Tales of the Black Freighter: Marooned. Arrrr.

(More Ten of a Kind here, me hearties.)


Michael Jones said...

A-maise-ing! How much do you pay for such corn? About a Buck an ear. (I love the Dennis the Menace cover.)

The Mutt said...

"Captain Tempest! Where are your buccaneers?"

"Under me buckin' hat. Arrrrr."

Is that Robert Shaw?

I've been searching for a Joe Kubert pirate and can't find one. Arrrrgggghhhh.

Michael Jones said...

Thanks Mutt for upstaging my pun. Good one!

FoldedSoup said...


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Anonymous said...

Yo ho ho! Am I too late for the bottle of rum?