Saturday, September 15, 2007

Separated at Birth: Holy Martyrs, Batman!

St. George Killing the Dragon and 52 Week 30

L: "Saint George Killing the Dragon" by Bernardo Martorell (c. 1430-1435)
R: 52 Week 30 (November 29, 2006), art by J G Jones and Alex Sinclair
(Click picture to Smaug-size)


Anonymous said...

He's Saint George AND the dragon.

Zergbane said...

The picture is inspired by a picture of St. Michael slaying Satan.

Bully said...

Ah ha! Wonderful--thank you for finding that, Zergbane. That's a better fit than my pairing, but I won't change it now. Thanks!

Gloria said...

You know Bernat Martorell!!

I'm Awed.

You have a big glass of Tigernut milk paid by me if you ever drop by Barcelona.

Bully said...

Gloria, when I was a tiny stuffed bull, me and my sister always used to play the "Masterpiece" board game of art forgeries and auctions. This was one of the paintings on a game card and I loved it even at that tender(beef) age. We used to make up funny comments, a la Mystery Science Theater 3000) (but years before that show premiered) about each painting. This one was called "Oh no, please stop stabbing my umbrella!"

I would love some Tigernut milk! Can we go visit La Sagrada Familia too? It's one of my favorite buildings in the world!

Gloria said...

Yes, of course you can visit the Sagrada Familia...Mind however, that the queueing is godawful! But then you can also go to La Pedrera, where there's queueing, but a bit less

The alternate title of the painting make me LMAO, and reminded me of a building in the Ramblas of an old Umbrella shop -factory (now, hum, housing a bank) withfake Japanese/chinese decorations alongside the Umbrellas