Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cow news: The New Moo-tants

Let's read today's newspapers and see if there is any decent cow news, shall we? Oh, here's one:

Mutant cow produces low-fat milk

Mutant cows could soon be providing the world with ready-skimmed milk and butter that spreads straight from the fridge.

Scientists in New Zealand reckon their discovery could help people live healthier lives.

A team of experts is working on getting the herd to produce low-fat milk straight from the cows' udders.

Due to a mutant gene, the animals they are breeding produce milk that contains less fat.

According to the New Zealand Herald, their butter is spreadable without waiting for it to soften like others currently on the market.
The benefits are spreadable butter? Creamier milk? Healthier dairy? Pfui on that, I say. Everybody knows the benefits are now cows can join the X-Men.

Unlike the Fantastic Four, who reject bovine membership application:
FF puts the cows out to pasture


SallyP said...

Well, that was a very mooooving panel. I seem to remember somewhere however, that a couple of those skrull/cows were turned into hamburger.


But yes, X-Cows would be lovely. Would they be dressed in yellow and black, and have little "X"s on their cowbells?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope those kiwi scientists don't get us into a Fantastic Four Annual #17 situation.

Anonymous said...

"Promise we'll be contented!"

Bwah ha ha!

Woody! said...

Grant Morrison followed this up in Skrull Kill Krew when they got turned into hamburgers. Good stuff.