Monday, February 26, 2007

So Happy Together

(continued from my last post)

Of course, all's well that ends well:
Giant Size Avengers #3 panel
Panel from Giant -Size Avengers #3, February 1975,
written by Steve Englehart and Roy Thomas,
art by Dave Cockrum and Joe Giella, coloring by Petra Goldberg

That was a close one, Thor. Don't make the same mistake twice...this time, don't wait until it's too late to tell Tony what a good friend he is.

By the way, we all know what a Trekkie Dave Cockrum is (see, f'rinstance, Shi'ar Starfleet uniforms in his early Uncanny X-Men). So don't ya think Unca Dave, in the panel above, was channeling a li'l bit of the old "Amok Time"?:
Amoke Time


Unknown said...

It's very weird to see you discussing Dave Cockrum in the present tense, considering I just attended a memorial tribute to him at the NY Comic Con two days ago.

Bully said...

Elayne, while I'm very aware Dave is no longer with us, his art still is, and I purposefully phrased it the way I did because when you discover work you haven't seen before by an artist you love, it is in the present tense.

Or, to put it more poetically: Dave Cockrum lives on through his work and the high regard we fans have for him and his art. Dave is.

Kevin Church said...

I do that with Kirby fairly often; I'll see him doing something particularly amazing and/or wacky and go "Man, comics are better with him around," because I'm pretty sure I'm always going to be finding new things in his work.

Also, I just saw "Amok Time" on the new, improved-for-HD Star Trek that has those minor SFX tweaks. It's still a great episode. "Jim!"

Anonymous said...

Something I really miss from the old Marvel Universe is that tight camaraderie among Thor, Iron Man and Captain America.

Dave Cockrum drew the best Hawkeye ever. Dave lives every time I open a comic and see a costume he designed. Dave is.