Wednesday, January 17, 2007

That ain't Park Slope

PopCultureShock previews four pages of an upcoming, post-Civil War issue of Fantastic Four, which actually look pretty good and include this splash page, captioned "A coffee shop, Park Slope, Brooklyn...":

FF #542 splash page

But take it from me: that ain't Park Slope.

How do I know? What's missing from this picture?

A: There's no baby strollers in the coffee shop.


Kevin Church said...

I was hoping you'd comment on this...

I'd have them draw in Brian and Audrey Wood if it was my darn script.

Bully said...

Well, there also appears to be way too much open space for a Brooklyn coffee shop. I'm guessing it might be Starbuck's on Seventh just because of the non-descript look of it, but ain't there probably a Starbucks in the lobby of the Baxter Building? Why trek all the way on the F train for that? Chee, Johnny and Reed oughta be hanging out at Katina's or Grecian Corner (with your hosts, Manos and Maria!)

My no-prize answer is: cute barista.

That reminds me, I never posted my full review of Local #6 because it kinda made me sad (personal thing, not the comic). I'll probably insert it retro-chronologically back a few months so the person it reminded me of don't see it.

All that said, yeah, I'll prob'bly pick this up!

Anonymous said...

Just read this issue yesterday and Bully got it in one. Reed asks Johnny why they're there and he replies with a remark about the hot barista!

I'd dropped the FF during JMS's run, but decided to give McDuffie a try and I'm glad I did. I haven't been reading Civil War, but I've been dismayed here on the sidelines by Reed's actions...and McDuffie finally manages to explain them. Sort of.