Friday, December 08, 2006

Blogs will live. Blogs will die. And the Bullyverse will never be the same again!

If you subscribe to my blog using a RSS feed, you may have been baffled by some recent massive Bully-posting...several dozen posts dated December 2005! Don't panic, bull-buddies...I've simply completed moving all the posts from my older, abandoned personal blog ("The BULLog") into this blog for posterity's sake. Before you get too upset, this blog will continue and stay where it is, so in the words of Chrissie Hynde, stop your sobbing!

Think of it as the Bullyverse equivalent of the mergings of Earth-1 and -2...except without all the headrolling, arm-ripping, and Krypto abuse. We here at "Comics Oughta Be Fun!" take abuse to Krypto very seriously and speak out publicly against any instances of kicking a small super-powered dog.

The vast majority of the newly-added blog entries concern my Christmas 2005 holiday in London, so if that's your cup of tea (ooh! I made a British pun!), then scoot yourself over to my December 2005 page, scroll down to the December 20th entry and then work your way up. And if you like those entries, I've got a treat for you coming up later this month...

Anyway, Bully-Crisis over, Bully-Crisis averted. The Psycho-Pirate is now apparently the only one who remembers the old blog. Well, and Grant Morrison. But that guy never forgets anything.

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