Friday, November 24, 2006

Christmas Shopping Made Classic

Welcome to Black Friday, folks—the single busiest shopping day of the year! If you're like me you have plenty of Christmas shopping to get started on, so crack open those piggy banks and get buying! But heading out to the mall is a mug's game...the smart consumers shop at home on their computer, with a big leftover turkey sandwich by their side. Why, you can even do it in your underwear! I'm doin' it right now. Haw! No, I kid. I don't wear any underwear!

This year I'm making my Christmas giftin' easier by choosing one-stop shopping and a similar gift for everyone on my lengthy list: everybody gets comic books this year! And not merely any old comic book, oh no oh no. No foisting off old issues of Civil War on my extensive group of recipients! Everybody on my list is getting a vintage issue of the single greatest way to avoid reading great works of literature in their original editions: Classics Illustrated!

Classics Illustrated ran for so long and with such a diverse collection of stories that it's perfect just absolutely everybody on my Christmas list. Don't believe me? Why, here's what I'm getting for these fine friends of mine:

Frank Castle!

Oliver Queen!

Reed Richards!

Nick Fury!

Steve Rogers!


Sergei Kravinoff!

Jack Napier!

Bruce Banner!

Betty Ross!

Emma Frost!

Alex Summers!

Ralph Dibny!

Tony Stark!


Wanda Maximoff!

Victor von Doom!

The Anti-Monitor!

And, ahem, just in case any of you were wondering what to get me, hint hint:

Happy shopping!


Steven Altis said...

And for all those poor souls who have actually been reading Civil War how about "Les Miserables?"

Anonymous said...

You could treat yourself, Bully...

There's #153A (Special Issue)
'Men, Guns and Cattle'

Or how about #106 featuring
that nice Mr. 'Buffalo Bill' ???