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Meme Weekend continues: A League of Your Own

LOEG b/wSpeaking of memes, more than two months ago I inadvertently (well, at least not advertently) started a mini-meme: who would be in your modern League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? (My nominations: Sid Halley, Lovejoy, Hawk, Hermione Granger, and Steve Zizzou.) While I created my list mainly for my own amusement and the fewer-than-100 people who look at my blog daily, I was pleasantly surprised that a talented handful of Bully-readers responded with their own creative, innovative, and varied Leagues that made me exclaim with delight "Oooh, I wish I'd thought of that!" I'd promised at one point to round them all up but the combination of a hectic and harried summer and my intensive, time-consuming battles with the Lego Star Wars video game drove it out of my little stuffed mind.

Until now. Let's take a look at your Leagues, shall we?

I imposed an artificial definition on each of the five members of my League: The Leader, The Rogue, The Muscle, The Woman of Mystery, and The Guy with a Boat, and most people took those definitions as gospel and slotted their League right in those spots. (For the record, I wouldn't have minded if you broke those definitions!) In addition, many people picked a sixth member to serve as the League Mastermind, the brainpower behind the field operations. That hadn't occurred to me, so it was a great addition!

Chawunky picked Mary Poppins, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's Ford Prefect, Tock the Watchdog from The Phantom Tollbooth, Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride, A Wrinkle in Time's Meg Murry and, as the brains of the operation, Willy Wonka. Brilliant!

The Fortress Keeper nominated Doctor Who (the fourth, fifth, or ninth Doctor), Lost in Space's Dr. Zachary Smith, Sin City's Marv (or Godzilla as a back-up choice!), Jiao Long from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea's Admiral Harriman Nelson, and, as his "bonus brainy guy," TV's Monk. "Imagine him cleaning up after these guys!" quips the FK.

Simon picks Al Giardello from Homicide: Life on the Street, The Talented Mr. (Tom) Ripley, Mrs. Emma Peel of The Avengers, Terry Tsurugi from The Street Fighter, Hagbard Celine from The Illuminatus! Trilogy, and TV's MacGyver (and he even spells it correctly, which gets him major points in my book!).

Mabster contributed a clever SF-themed League: Pham Nuwen from Vernor Vinge's A Fire Upon the Deep, Ford Prefect, Batou from Ghost In The Shell, Teela Brown (Larry Niven's Ringworld series), Olmy/Thistledown from Greg Bear's novels, and, as the mastermind, Robert A. Heinlein's Lazarus Long. Sci-fi-riffic!!

Matthew gets extra bonus points for posting the following brilliant observation: "Did you realize that the A-Team fits this five-person team model perfectly? You have to change 'boat' to 'plane' to fit Murdock in, but other than that..." Brilliant, Matthew...I love it when a plan comes together! Matthew also contributes an amazing themed league: The League of Extraordinary Canadian Gentlemen: Dominic da Vinci from the TV show Da Vinci's Inquest, Keycase Milne from Arthur Hailey's Hotel, Buddy the Goon from Warren Zevon's "Hit Somebody (The Hockey Song)", Victory Nelson (from the novels of Tanya Huff), and Tractor Jack, from the Arrogant Worms song "Pirates of the Saskatchewan." Even more bonus points for your maple-leaf themed League, Matthew!

Crucible nominated F'lar from Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series, Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne, David Gemmel's Druss ("why would you choose anyone but the man with the Axe?" asks Crucible...why indeed!), Elspeth Gordie from Isobelle Carmody's Obernewtyn Chronicles, and from Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar Saga, Amos Trask. Literally fantastic!

Finally, Anonymous suggested a whole slew of potential candidates, a list so good s/he shouldn't have posted anonymously!: Willard Stiles from The Ratman's Notebooks by Gilbert Ralston, Charlie McGee from Stephen King's Firestarter, Ishmael from the novel by Daniel Quinn, Harry Potter's Severus Snape, Susan Fletcher from Digital Fortress by Dan Brown, Ronin Samurai from Sensei by John Donohue, three-inch tall George from William Joyce's George Shrinks (brilliant!), and Special Agent Mark Beamon from Kyle Mills's Rising Phoenix. Anonymous goes for extra credit by being the only memer to propose a villainous group for his League to battle: Agatha Christie's The Big Four.

You people impress the heck out of me, do you know that? Thanks one and all for playin', and I wouldn't say no to new nominations!

Bueller? Bueller?Finally, most posters reminded me I didn't assign anyone to the Mycroft Holmes role in the Alan Moore original. You're right, guys—every great League needs a mastermind, a brilliant brain whose quicksilver mind leaves his antagonists in the dust, who inspires awe, respect, admiration, and the utter devotion of his friends and followers, if not his siblings. No single man can fill that position in my League better than Ferris Bueller, as adept at plotting ten steps ahead as he is of diving into a situation on the fly. He's a master of disguise, whether it's as a voice on the phone or his uncanny impersonation of Abe Frohman, the Sausage King of Chicago. He takes good care of his friends. He's a folk hero to his peers. He knows how to fake out the parents with the clammy palms. And his philosophy is second to none: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." League or no, we should all live by such a creed. Go get 'em, big guy.

Who's in your League?


Steven said...

Inspired by your post on my board, I noticed...

Your categories also describe the City Watch from Discworld.
R: Nobby Nobbs.
M. Detritus.
WoM: Angua.
GwB: (? whoever it was they stole a boat from in Jingo.
And MM: Sam Vimes.

So the NON-City watch Discworld Extraordinary Gentlemen
L: Susan Sto Helit
R: C.M.O.T. Dibbler
M: the Luggage
WoM: Magrat Garlick
GwB: Leonard of Quirm
MM: Brutha (yes! BRUTHA)

CalvinPitt said...
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CalvinPitt said...

OK, here's my League (my first one anyway). It's strictly TV, because if I don't limit my options, I'd never be able to decide.

L: Captain Sisko, Deep Space Nine
R: John Smith, The Dead Zone
M: Vic Mackey, The Shield
WoM: Faith, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
GwB: Michael Knight (sorry I'd rather have KiTT than a boat. If you insist on boats, then Tubbs from Miami Vice)
MM - Eric Cartman

I did a post over on my blog, where I tried to describe what I was thinking a little.

Bully said...

Calvin, that's absolutely brilliant! I love your choices, especially Cartman...who more brilliant and perfect to run dirty black ops than him?! And of course you can have Michael Knight and KITT--any vehicle serves the definition. Which means anybody else posting: yes, you may pick Airwolf!

Great job. I loves me my creative, clever internet chums.

Unknown said...

Lego Star Wars IS a pretty addictive game. It just about wore out the Fortress' well-used Playstation 2.

Matthew E said...

Here’s another I just thought up:

League of Extraordinary Kids

Leader: Chris from Stephen King’s novella ‘The Body’, the one who was played by River Phoenix in Stand By Me. He had charisma and nobility; he was a rare larger-than-life figure among child characters

Muscle: Pete Crenshaw of the Three Investigators. A little older than the others on this list and a pretty brawny guy; he’s also got just enough of a yellow streak that he’s not going to let anybody go anything stupid.

Woman of Mystery: Eilonwy from Lloyd Alexander’s ‘Prydain Chronicles’ series. She has some magical powers but mostly she’s on this team because leaving Eilonwy off your team is like pouring creamed corn in your shoes.

Rogue: Lyra Belacqua from Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ series. She climbs over buildings for fun and can talk anyone into anything.

Brains: Alvin Fernald, the Magnificent Brain, from the books by Clifford B. Hicks. Only problem with Alvin is he’d want to be the leader.

Kid With a Boat: Nancy Blackett, captain of the Amazon, from Arthur Ransome’s ‘Swallows and Amazons’ series. Shiver me timbers! Jib-booms and bobstays! Bring out the roasted ox and broach a puncheon of Jamaica!

Haute Corbeille said...

I'll take a crack.

Leader: Wade Garrett, Sam Elliott's character from Road House. Well, you'd do what he asked you to do, wouldn't you?

Rogue: Bender from The Breakfast Club

Muscle: Gully Foyle. He's way strong, he can teleport (and can also teleport through time, so no need to put yourself out to explain how he got here) and he has gnarly facial tattoos that only show up when he's pissed off.

Woman of Mystery: Lila Mae Watson, from The Intuitionist. She can tell what's wrong with an elevator just by riding in it. That has to count for something.

Guy w/Vehicle: Ng from Snow Crash. Well, he doesn't have a vehicle so much as he is the vehicle, but there's the added bonus of having a trailer full of nuclear powered cyborg pit bulls.

And the Mastermind behind the operation: Darryl Zero. Uh, by proxy, of course.

Anonymous said...

Okay, lets give this a try.

Leader: Indiana Jones-world-weary but ready for one last adventure-especially when he hears what they are sent after.

Rogue: A grown-up Max (from Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are")-he's seen things no child should ever see, and he'll go whereever he feels like going.

Muscle: Lee Falk's Phantom-I will settle for no less than the Ghost Who Walks; without him, I wouldn't even consider forming the team.

Woman of Mystery: Veronica from Archie Comics-what secret is she harboring from her days spent in Riverdale and why is she always talking to the lock of red hair she keeps in a tiny box in her pocket?

Guy With a Boat: The Skipper from Gilligan's Island-just sit right back and you'll hear the tale of what REALLY happened on the now-famous island, not the sanitized TV version.

Mastermind: A disgruntled Jerry Siegel, out for revenge against those who have wronged him.

(Note: I wrote these descriptions as I'd imagined Alan Moore would write them, which is why they may come across as somewhat dark).

koyore said...

muscles: wolverine or lone wolf or Worf

mastermind: harry mudd

woman: irene adler

rogue: Q from STNG

leader: Picard

boat: seaquest either version



Seth T. Hahne said...

Here's my shot:

Optimus Prime

Spider from Anansi Boys

Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast

The Bride from Kill Bill

MAN with a BOAT:
Captain Henry Gloval from Robotech

Jack Bristow from Alias

Anonymous said...

Hey, yeah!

Just a quick jot to note I enjoyed the mental exercise you posited with that post. Kudos!

Okay, I know that mentioning your verification gibberish is played-out, but how can one not respond to rehwuwu?

Dr Obvious said...

I have posted my list at The Ziggurat of Doom.

Anonymous said...

Oh, My, God! Just found this blog from CBR, and this meme is absolutely irresistable. I've been
madly scribbling out line-ups like a fantasy baseball nut. My list(s) got too big and crazy too
fast, so I had to make some restrictions. Actually, I think they make a lot of sense and help
cohere a team! So:

1. Same general "genre": Moore picked "Victorian-era English literary characters". This unifies
them and gives them a 'base world' that they can spring their adventures off of.

2. They gotta share a world (more or less): Same reason as above. Their backgrounds have gotta
be, at least ostensibly, in the here and now; the world that may or may not be juuust outside
our window. That said...

3. They've gotta have come up against the fantastic: Aliens, zombies, time travel, elder gods, alternate timelines,
parallel dimensions; they'll have a reason for banding together, they probably have
powers/trauma/baggage from their unbelievable encounters, and they have an excuse to go up against
all that the imagination can throw at'em!

4. They've gotta be friggin' ICONIC: These are characters that nearly everyone knows, that almost
write themselves, with the outsize personalities and abilities that make a great super-team a joy
to read. But...

5. No "big guns": Moore himself didn't include Holmes or Dracula in the team, because he felt
they'd overwhelm the other characters, and make'em less fun. I couldn't agree more (though having
their presence loom in the backstory is even better!).

So I picked "late 20th-century American movie characters", no Bond and no Indy, and no-one more
identified with its source material. And team archetypes are inevitable, and also fluid and fun, so I try
to identify them. So here's my team!

1. (The Scientist, The Leader, The Guy with the Cool Vehicles): BUCKAROO BANZAI. His resume says
it all: Neurosurgeon, rock star, black belt, physicist, race car driver, savior of the planet! He
even gets props from space rastas, he's that cool. Nothing rattles him, nothing shakes his calm,
decisive demeanor, no matter how out-there it gets. He's got Jetcars, conch shell spacecraft, swank
tour buses, you name it. And he's even had his own goofy "super-team"! He's my Hannibal.

2. (The Man of Few Words, The Baddest of 'Em All, The Living Myth): SNAKE PLISSKEN. Not only do
tough-guys pee themselves when they realize who he is, but he's got that dry humor that totally
works in a team like this. And he's already a legend in his own time! (even if he isn't seven feet
tall, if he was an inch.) He's my B.A.

3. (The Woman With a Dark Past, The Butt-Kicking Babe, the Rogue Military Project) ALICE (from
Resident Evil, aka Milla Jovovich). What, you're saying she's not an icon? Have you SEEN the
(otherwise fairly crappy) RE movies?! Trust me, if she's not an icon now, she will be as soon as a
certain generation hits their mid-twenties. Actually, I'd rather have just included "Milla
Jovovich the Action Hero", as I think she's reaching an Arnold-like monopoly on Hollywood
butt-kicking, but I couldn't pick Leeloo (aw!). She's my Milla Jovovich.

4. (The Innocent Pushed Way, Way too Far, The Abuse-Magnet, The Total Nutjob): ASH. Just a simple,
clueless stock clerk, whose life took a left turn...into EVIL and MADNESS. Everyone else keeps a
cool head and an even hand--not Ash, oh NO, not Ash. He's the X-Factor, a boiling kettle of rage,
misplaced machismo, and great, totally ridiculous lines (my god, how could he not be a blast to
write!). But when the the chips are down, you can cut off his own hand, infect him with demon
blood, you can even stick a fork in him, ol' Ashley will make for DAMN SURE he comes out on top.
He is, of course, my Howlin' Mad.

5. (The Gentle Soul/Killing Machine, The Philosopher, The Knight-Errant): GHOST DOG. Minuses: 1).
He's dead. Pshaw. Never stopped a superteam member before. 2). He hasn't come up agin the
supernatchr'l. Well, Nobody was in that movie, which is connected to Dead Man, which was
definitely mystical, and you could argue that Jarmusch is a magic-realist, know what?
Screw that. The Dog's on the team. He's my Exception to the Rule.

Team too serious? Too Wolverine-y? Okay, take out Snake and put in JACK BURTON (from Big Trouble
in Little China--too bad you can't have two Kurt Russells!). Jack can't kick a whole lotta ass,
has no super-prestidigitation or whatever, but he's irrepressible in the face of otherworldly
mayhem, he's got the knack of coming through in the clutch, and damnit, he's got the best
action-hero dialogue of any character, EVER. He makes this bunch FUN. He's my Faceman (and winner
of the Sixth Man Award).

So who's the Puppet Master? Who's the guy, above The Guy, above THE GUY? Who can set up webs of
international deceit down to the smallest personal detail? Who has created, and destroyed, his own
league of extraordinary gentlemen just to wrap up some loose ends? Who pisses on the attempts of
lesser geniuses to even die purposefully? Why (and I'm both flabbergasted and tickled that
no-one's got him) it can only be KEYSER SOZE. 'nuff, as they say, said.

Here are a few that didn't make the cut, but just sit up and BEG for cameos: Billy Jack, Cleopatra
Jones, "Jack"/"Tyler Durden" (a great postmod Jekyll & Hyde), a grown-up Matilda (The
Professional), Jules walking the earth (like Caine in Kung Fu), Short Round, David and Elijah from

Whew! Okay, glad I got that out of my brain. Oh, and just one more thing...I got a bunch more
leagues! Um, if anyone wants MORE, that is...

-The Black Rabbit

Matthew E said...

I want more. In fact, I may come up with more myself.

Jake said...

Here's my video game league. Unfortunately, my video gaming experience is a little limited so I think I'm going to have to do a 1980's sitcom league or something.

Anonymous said...

Now remember, you *asked* for it...


1. Kolchak - our "P.O.V." character.

2. Jaime Summers, The Bionic Woman - but of course!

3. Manimal! - halfsharkalligatorhalfman!

4. The Greatest American Hero - Both the B.A. *and* the Murdock!

5. Automan - according to Wikipedia, his real name is "Otto J. Mann."

6. The Equalizer - cause you need a smooth dude in a trenchcoat.

7. League of Substitute Gentlemen and Lady: The Misfits of Science!

You were warned.

-Black Rabbit

Anonymous said...

Leader: Artemis Fowl from Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl series. A disgrunted millionaire smarty-pants inventor child with a mad-on for economic opportunity and a legit beef with the Russian mafia. He's a master strategist with no real combat skills and my favorite scenes in the books were always when he was away from his loyal manservant.

Rouge: Because somebody already picked Lyra Belaqua (perfect choice), I'd say Shogo Kawada from Koushin Takami's Battle Royale. He's a weapon's expert with a deathwish because he's so heartbroken in the book, but if you place it post-BR and have him survive his injuries he becomes an ultra-cool zen outcast with his previous identity wiped off the records.

Muscle: Classic WWF Andre the Giant. His character was an undefeated man-giant with a deathly fear of snakes. In real life, he was a fun loving practical joker whose body's growth forced him into alcohol use and eventually killed him before the age of 50. If you combine the two aspects, I'd say you have a fun yet interesting musclehead.

Woman of Mystery: Adah Price from Barbara Kinsolver's The Poisonwood Bible. A woman who went through some horrible things in her childhood, but overcame them only to become a cold, lonely spinster with an obsession with logic and a love of virii. Her knowledge of various sciences would make her an excellent detective combined with her bitter past with religious issues ties her character into the greater social issues of the time.

Guy with a Boat: Dr. Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters with the Ecto-1. He's one of my favorite sleazeball characters of all time and the nature of the Ecto-1 allows a number of paranormal elements to come into play.

Mastermind: Rufus from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. A time-traveling ultimate cool guy who comes back in time in order to ensure that problems in the timestream are fixed. Plus, he never directly engages himself in the craziness of the film, so making him a mastermind character is not too far of a stretch.

Anonymous said...

After hearing about this, I was inspired -but instead of using literary characters I went with real-life people all in the same era. To fit various historical facts this League's adventure would fit most timely in 1924.

The Leader: Now in his 60 frontier lawman Wyatt Earp would have the savvy and intellect to lead this crew.

The Rogue: Without a doubt useful in many circumstances and mysterious in his abilities, Harry Houdini would be a huge asset to this League.

The Muscle: I almost went with former heavyweight Jack Dempsey, but instead opted for Babe Ruth. Known for boozing and brawling, no one would want him coming at them with a bat.

Woman of Mystery: At this time, Amelia Earhardt was a pioneer for female pilots. She had set flying records and was one of two dozen licensed female pilots.

Guy with the Boat: William Sims had at this point been retired for two years from the Navy. Sims led the US naval forces abroad in WWI.

The Brains behind it all: Gen. John J. Pershing-leader all all US armies. "Blackjack" would have the connections and ability to pull this crew together with ease.

--My league however does not stop here. I have two more members.

Q: 007 needed his gadgets and our League would need one as well. Who better than Thomas Edison?

The Rookie: Still in law school and ready soon join the FBI, this League would have great impact on young Elliot Ness.

-Now if only they had an evil mastermind to thwart . . . .

-Cory L.

Erich said...

Going with a 1960s/70s time-frame:

The Leader: Billy Jack (from the '70s movies by writer/director/star Tom Laughlin). A pacifist, spiritually enlightened ex-Green Beret and master of hapkido. He strives to live in peace, but when he sees injustice or racism, well...he just goes BERSERK!

The Muscle: Shell Scott, the happy-go-lucky private eye from Richard S. Prather's series of detective novels. Thinks Billy Jack just needs to relax and stop taking himself so seriously.

The Rogue: The urbane assassin and master-of-disguise Augustus Mandrell (from Frank McAuliffe's novels "Of All the Bloody Cheek," "Rather a Vicious Gentleman," "For Murder I Charge More"). Has no scruples, but finds his colleagues amusing.

The Woman of Mystery: Miss Brunner from Michael Moorcock's "Jerry Cornelius" novels. An enigma even by the standards of Moorcock's head-trippy worlds. Has no patience for Shell Scott's womanizing and lowbrow quips.

The Guy With a Boat: Old Fred, the captain of the Yellow Submarine (from the animated Beatles movie, of course). He's slightly dithering and easily flustered, but oh, the psychedelic worlds his craft can visit!

And the Mastermind behind the league: None other than the boy genius himself, Leroy "Encyclopedia" Brown, working behind the scenes because he knows his youth would keep the team from taking him seriously.

Matthew E said...

Society of Extraordinary Dogs

I got this idea, and then kept coming up with more and more candidates that I had to revise the whole premise anyway. The 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' concept is one that's supposed to put one in mind of the London gentlemen's clubs of the late 19th/early 20th century, like Phileas Fogg and Mycroft Holmes belonged to. So I see a similar kind of club here for extraordinary dogs. The proprietor of the club is Gromit (from the 'Wallace and Gromit' shorts and movie), and among the staff there is Rowlf (from 'The Muppet Show') playing piano in the bar. Club members include Brian (from 'The Family Guy'), Snoopy (from 'Peanuts') and Murray (from 'Mad About You').

Now, I know that none of these dogs are any kind of an action team the way LXG was. But there is such a team, and it has a sponsor who's a club member:

Mastermind: Dogbert. Any arguments? Didn't think so.

And here's his team:

Alpha Dog: Ralph von Wau Wau (from Spider Robinson's 'Callahan's Place' novels). A large, intimidating German Shepherd with human intelligence and surgically altered vocal cords that permit human speech, Ralph makes a fine field leader. He's worked in a variety of fields, has a scientific background, is a published author, and certainly has a way with the ladies. (I also considered Einstein, the golden retriever from Dean R. Koontz's novel 'The Watchers' for this role.)

Muscle Dog: Clifford, the Big Red Dog, provides whatever raw strength the team needs. Clifford is pretty good-natured, though, so if it comes down to a fight the team sometimes puts things in the hands of their

Combat Specialist: Chopper (from 'Stand By Me'). ("Chopper! Sic balls!") Chopper shows no mercy in a fight.

Smart Dog: Brain (from 'Inspector Gadget'). Brain can also provide whatever transportation the team needs. Anybody else see a resemblance between Brain and Gromit?

Bitch of Mystery: Lassie.

Rogue: I have a tough time deciding here. It's either the Tramp (from the movie (and book!) 'Lady and the Tramp'), or Gaspode (from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series). Both are stray dogs who go everywhere, know everyone, and live by their wits. On the one hand, the Tramp is healthier and more useful in a fight; on the other hand, Gaspode has the power of human speech. So it's a tossup.

And of course there's this related League:

League of Extraordinary Cats

Leader: Fritti Tailchaser (from Tad Williams' novel 'Tailchaser's Song'). After the epic quest that he went through in Williams' novel, he's now ready to step into a leadership role.

Rogue: Buck E. Katt (from the comic strip 'Get Fuzzy' by Darby Conley). He's sneaky and he's always got a scheme going.

Cat of Mystery: Sergeant Tibbs (from the novel 'The Hundred and One Dalmatians' by Dodie Smith). She's actually not too mysterious, but she's intrepid.

Muscle: Midnight Louie (from a series of novels by Carole Nelson Douglas). He's sharp, a big burly cat who uses his position as the de facto king of Las Vegas to solve the occasional murder.
Brains: Jake, aka Zunar J5/9 Doric 4-7 (from the movie 'The Cat From Outer Space'). Not only is he a master of advanced technology, but he can communicate with people and he's telekinetic.
Cat with a Car: Toonces the Driving Cat (from a series of 'Saturday Night Live' sketches).

Matthew E said...

Cripes! I messed it up. In the dog League, above, take out Lassie and substitute Blue from 'Blue's Clues'. Not only is she better with mysteries, but Lassie can't skidoo.

Matthew E said...

Oh, and. The Challengers of the Unknown also fit your original schema for the League.

Anonymous said...

I once thought of a 1980s team: John McCain (Diehard), Macguyver, Jessica Fletcher, and Michael Knight. They would be brought together by Mr. Roarke: "I think you all know why I have brought you here. They say they come in peace, and I hope that this is true. But somehow, I do not think we can trust these...Visitors." There would be a "heroes fight and then team up" issue involving the A-Team (who as far as the League knows are criminals). They would fight Michael Myers (B.A. Barracus: "Foo won't stay down! Worse'n *you*, McCain!") The series climax would involve Dr. Emmet Brown and Marty McFly fitting KITT with a time machine to stop the Vistors before they take over.