Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Comic-Con Day 0: Oh, shut up

I'm here in San Diego, the city by the bay, the city that never stops...wait a minute, I've just heard that's the wrong city. Never mind, coz I actually am in San Diego, and it is warm and balmy and beautiful with a touch of Mexican food. Comic-Con starts tomorrow, and I've made my list and checked it twice to be certain I've got all my books, supplies, magic markers, and chips and snacks so I don't have to stand in the mile-long food line at the San Diego Convention Center to get some stale pizza and orange Hi-C.

Set-up starts tomorrow, so I'm having a relaxing evening at Humphrey's Half-Moon Inn on Shelter Island, which is as lush and tropical as Walt Disney World's Polynesian Resort without that squawking duck bothering you when you're trying to relax by the pool. I've been watching the evening news just now. Two things have me scratching my little stuffed head. One: the 6 PM San Diego evening news is nothing like the motion picture industry has led me to believe it would be. Two: I have just seen one of the most appalling examples of bad reporting I've ever seen on local news (and I come from New York City!).

A puff piece on the Comic-Con just ran and started out with these words (not exactly verbatim, but pretty close):
Kids can't buy colored stapled comic books anymore, but their parents can buy expensive book collections of comics...
Uh. Do some research. Just because you don't see them on a spinner rack in a drug store doesn't mean comics don't exist anymore.

Yeah, I know. As far as travesties in news reporting this is lightweight. But it burns ya up, doesn't it, when someone grins out of the TV screen at you and says something that is a complete and utter lie.

Unless, of course, it's this guy:

See ya tomorrow at the Con!

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