Monday, May 29, 2006

Ben Grimm Totally Rocks! Reason #12

Why does Ben Grimm totally rock?

12. He's a veteran, and respects and salutes America's fighting men and women every day, but especially on Memorial Day...
It's Nazi-Clobberin' Time!

What's more, he also enjoys a relaxing, fun-filled, Memorial Day off at the beach with his friends and family:
Throw me the frisbee, flamehead!

Today, take a moment to remember those who have fought for America through the years (it's not just Steve Rogers, pal), but also take the time to have a get-together and cookout with your family and loved ones to remind yourself what America is all about. And don't forget that now you know...another reason why Ben Grimm totally rocks.

(Reason #1-34567891011 )

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Unknown said...

Surfing GI's!

Let's see Nick Fury pull that one off!