Thursday, November 10, 2005

Last week's comics, this week.

I'm finally catching up on a couple comics from last week! Were they worth the wait? Heck yeah!

JLU #15JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED #15: This comic is fun. Nobody expected a character almost universal'ly considered to be one of the lamest heroes in the DC Universe to make any sort of comeback, much less a starring role in a Justice League Unlimited story! That's one of the best things of all about JLU: any character, no matter how they were treated or written before, or even if they died, has Justice League potential! (Or, as Superman has been heard to say once or twice, "Each of you brings something to the table." I guess that means even a little stuffed bull has Justice League potential! Mind you, what I usually bring to the table is the silverware and the napkin rings...) Take away the kinda-clichéd "here's the moral of the story" ending and a writer who doesn't know the difference between "el" and "los" and at the heart of this book you have a story that defines the joy 'n' wonder of comics: every character is someone's favorite, and if you dismiss a character as lame, well, he or she just hasn't been written right—yet. I doubt they'd ever bring back Vibe in the real DC Universe, so all hail the Animated DC Universe! May your skies never turn red!

Flaming Carrot #4FLAMING CARROT COMICS #4: This comic is fun. Sentences can't express how cool it is that Flaming Carrot is back in a regular comic book series. So, I'll use a series of partial, disjointed, sentence fragments to explain what I loved about this issue, much in the vein of a hip beatnik hep cat or maybe even the Carrot himself,!

Adventures in his pajamas. Ducky soap! "Pants all pie now." Sponge Boy? SPONGE BOY! Uh oh, evil baby! Dead man's party. Joe Izusu?!? Fumetti! "You made a deal not me!" Carrot secrets! Next issue: all photo Carrot. And...Gumby and Pokey by Bob Burden and Rick Geary!?!?!? Hoo hoo! That's why! FLAMING CARROT COMICS #4! Most fun comic of week! Oh, sorry, I started sounding like the Hulk a little at the end there. Seriously, pick it up. I laughed, I cried, I kissed three-fitty goodbye.

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