Tuesday, September 13, 2005

C'mon everybody! Get lazy!

Hi hi hi everybody! I'm Bully, the little stuffed bull, and welcome to my blog! We have just returned from an excellent mini-holiday to the Catskills! We went to Mount Tremper, New York for the weekend and stayed at quite poss'bly the most amazing, bestest motel ever: Kate Pierson's Lazy Meadow Motel!

Click here to check out all my photos of Kate's Lazy Meadow!

Those of you who are hip and cool (and if you're reading my blog, you are already!) know that Kate Pierson is a totally far-out and hip member of one of my fav'rite bands, the B-52's (you know! The "Love Shack" and "Rock Lobster" and "Planet Claire" band!)!!! She bought a beautiful old motor lodge in the Catskills and all her groovy designer pals came round and helped her turn into into a fabuulous campy, colorful, cozy motel! There are vintage Airstream Trailers you can stay in, beautiful cabins turned into chic and comfy hideaways, and fun around every corner!

I have been listening recently to Moby's new CD Hotel,which is his usual fun mix of techno-wizardry, wry commentary on modern society, and the importance of drinking a really fine brand of designer iced tea. Anyway, my point (an' I do have one!) is: I was listening to an interview with Mister Moby where he explained that the title "Hotel" came from his real'zation that life is like a hotel: we check in, we roll around on the bed a while, we order room service, and we check out—and then the maids come along and clean up and wipe every trace of us from the room so no one ever knows we've been there.

Well, all I can say is, the best and happiest way to make certain that people know you have been in a hotel is take lots an' lots of photos! Which is exactly what we did. So (if you haven't already) click here to check out all my photos of Kate's Lazy Meadow motel and environs (don't miss the "Mystery Spot"!).

PS: Flickr has my photos slightly out of order and it doesn't let me re-arrange them. Boo! Bad Flickr! But you can get the gen'ral idea as I know you are smart and sophisticated people, yes you are. Enjoy!

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