Thursday, June 01, 2017

The 1978 2017 DC Calendar of Super-Spectacular Disasters: June Jetsam

There's five of them, and they can't wait to go on vacation to the beach!

But only one of them is liquid at room temperature!

No. it's not Jane, I'm sorry to report. It's the ever-lovin' paragons of the periodic table, the Metal Men! Also, there's six of them, because I keep forgetting Tina (Platinum). Did you know the element platinum is almost two times heavier than gold? Don't tell that to Tina when she's at the beach in a bikini!

"June: The Metal Men" in The 1978 Calendar of Super-Spectacular Disasters; artwork by Walt Simonson and Joe Staton
(Click picture to Oganesson-size)

This month, everybody's goin' to the beach! Be careful, Metal Men! Don't go into the ocean less than an hour after'll rust! Also, beware of perennial Aquaman villain The Ocean Master, but mainly because Aquaman will be miffed you're stealing one of his very small number of rogues.

Once again, I've filled in all the checks through the beginning of this month to detect the supervillain behind all these superdisasters.

Who is our super-environmental-criminal-gangleader? Here's a clue: he pulled out of the Paris Accords. Another clue:

Villain from Another World? Why, that could only be perennial badguy Carl Hutchins from the soap opera Another World!

Case solved! Book 'em, Bullock!

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