Wednesday, March 01, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 60: So shines an act of kindness in a weary world

Grant Morrison, dastard that he is, has put Shiloh Norman, the astonishing Mister Miracle, smack into the creamy center nougat of hopelessness: the living hell of Darkseid's long-sought-after Anti-Life Equation. It is fear, anger, failure. It is everything that makes up despair (or, as it's pronounced in the Marvel Universe, D'Spayre.) Also, it's raining. Mister Miracle doesn't have a chance.

Panels from Seven Soliders: Mister Miracle #3 (March 2006), script by Grant Morrison, pencils and inks by Freddie E. Williams II, colors by Dave McCaig, letters by Phil Balsman

Although, take note: this scene occurs in number three into a four issue miniseries. Even Grant Morrison, five-dimension imp that he is, is not immune from the beating rhythm of a story arc. Nmely: it's always darkest before the dawn, or, as it's pronounced in the DC Universe, an ass-whuppin'.

But at the eleventh hour (or, as we pronounce it, page 21 of a 22 page story) comes a tiny sliver of hope. You can also pronounce it "humanity."

Go get 'em, Shilo.

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