Sunday, November 16, 2014

Archie's Generic Celebrities Month, Day 16: Not Actually Star Trek

Veronica's cousin Marcy is an enthusiastic fangirl. I am sure there are entire threads on internet discussion boards devoted to Marcy not being a "true" fan and how her admiration for a TV show that ultimately teaches tolerance and understanding is a feminist attack on the genre.

Panel from "Space Case" in Veronica #137 (May 2003), script and pencils by Dan Parent, inks by Jon D'Agostino, colors by Barry Grossman, letters by Bill Yoshida

I picked this story because it was actually used, virtually verbatim, as a quest storyline in the Archie Riverdale Rescue iOS sim game for the iPhone and iPad, which I've been playing for the past couple months.

I highly recommend it — you can finally give Jughead a girlfriend! — but it's too bad there's no way to credit the creators whose comic book work has been mined for the game. To be fair, when an Archie character is unlocked in the game, you can also access the story in which he/she first appeared — but there's no creator credits.

Also, this story also contains TOGA CHEWBACCA, the one Star Wars action figure variant I've been waiting for all my life.


JonJ said...

Don't get too attached, Veronica -- he's wearing a red shirt.

Dave said...

Bully, I'd never want to contradict you, but it looks to me like faux-Chewie is wearing Dockers, not a toga.

Blam said...

"I don't actually have a rocket blaster, but if I did, I would actually want it in an uproar, because --"

Bully said...

Dave, that's even better: DOCKER-TOGA CHEWBACCA! Now with new fly-button action!