Friday, August 09, 2013

365 Days of DC House Ads, Day 221: The Little and the Big of It

House ad for The Best of DC [DC Blue Ribbon Digest] #2 and Jonah Hex and Other Western Tales [DC Blue Ribbon Digest] #2, (both November-December 1979); printed in Time Warp #1 (October-November 1979)
Ad designed and lettered by Gaspar Saladino

Both digest covers feature beautiful painted covers:

Cover of The Best of DC #2, painted art by Wally Fax
and Jonah Hex and Other Western Tales #2, painted art by Luis Dominguez

That painted Batman painted cover had originally appeared on a DC tabloid-sized (10" x 13") comic earlier in 1976. Here's that cover so you can appreciate it up even closer ('specially when you click on the image to Gothamisize it!):

Cover of Limited Collectors' Edition #44 [Batman] (June-July 1976); painted art by Wally Fax
(Click picture to Gotham-size, just like I told you to above. Weren't you reading that bit?)

Here, Read More, Why Doncha, Department: You don't have to run to your local library for more about these DC Digests (take that, librarians!). Here's info on the Batman digest and the Jonah Hex digest from the all-over-excellent, spend-a-few-hours-reading-the-whole-site Digest Comics Blog. While I'm at it, you really oughta visit and spend some time at the equally awesome, which covers those big tabloid comics from DC and Marvel! Tell 'em Bully sent ya!


EM said...

Man, I've got such fond memories of both the tabloids and the digests. Thanks for the nostalgia trip, Bully. I appreciate it. I've been feeling old and cranky this weekend.

-- MrJM said...

The era of the 100 page DC Digests was definitely my Golden Age.

-- MrJM