Thursday, November 29, 2012

How Many X-Men Comics Were Released This Week? (11/28/12)

It's weeks like this that are the reason that I invited a little puppet-town cow-blog features called How Many X-Men Comics Were Released This Week?, because believe it or not, when you step up to the comics stands this week, you'll find, crowding out orther comics with sharp claws and nasty fangs, that there were

  • A+X #2: It's a comic book featuring both Avengers and X-Men! Say, why don't they call this comic something like...I dunno, Mighty X-Men...or maybe...Uncanny Avengers?!? Has a ring to it!
  • All-New X-Men #2: What do you suppose they will title this series when it's published in trade collections? Originally Published in Comic Book Format X-Men?
  • Astonishing X-Men Annual #1: Remember when annuals were double-sized and had a perfect-bound spine and they came out in the summer and you looked forward to them every year? Yeah, me either.
  • Gambit #6: No, really, is this comic book coming out every week? Because that's just too much Gambit for anyone.
  • Ultimate Comics X-Men #19: If you told all the late-1980s fanboys that their favorite, Kitty Pryde, was someday going to headline an X-Men team book, I bet their collective heads exploding would sheer joy would have shook the earth off its axis. Also, did you ever think that in a week in which eight X-Men comics were released, the one from the Ultimate Universe would be the one with the highest issue number? Why, it has been being published nearly two years!
  • Uncanny Avengers #2: It's a comic book featuring both X-Men and Avengers! Say, why don't they call this comic something like...I dunno, X+A...or maybe...A+X?!? Has a ring to it!
  • X-Men Legacy #2: X-Men Legacy! The book that replaced X-Men v.2 that replaced New X-Men that replaced X-Men v.2*. Oh, this is X-Men Legacy v.2? Boy, Marvel, must really be thinking we have infinite capability to keep all this X-Men comic book publishing history straight in our heads, don't they! *I did not have to look that up.
  • X-Treme X-Men #7: Scuttlebutt on the Twitterverse (say that three times fast) says this is one of the more entertaining new X-Titles out there. But, of course! It stars Dazzler.

Next week: this little stuffed blogger will be out on assignment and won't be counting those X-Men titles, so will you please do it for me and let me know? WIll it be six? Will it be nine? Will it be, in Marvel's quest to give Brian Bendis eighteen titles to write and to therefore take over the world of comics, thirty-three? Next Wednesday, only you will know...How Many X-Men Comics Were Released This Week?

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