Thursday, June 18, 2009

Because sometimes you just have to post a panel of the Silver Surfer in a bathrobe...

Silver Surfer #12

...enjoying a steamin' hot Lipton Cup O' Soup.

Silver Surfer #12
Panels from Silver Surfer #12 (January 1970), script by Stan Lee, pencils by John Buscema, inks by Dan Adkins, letters by Sam Rosen


Harvey Jerkwater said...

Stan Lee's version of the Silver Surfer: the Character Most in Need of a Smack to the Head in Comics History. Because he talked like that all the time.

"Oh, mad humans! That you would defile such a beautiful world and hurtle towards your destruction with wanton cruelty and..."

"Metal dude, I don't have time for this. C'mon. Paper or plastic?"

Unknown said...

I have this original art

Unknown said...

Is that Barnabas Collins he's visiting?