Sunday, January 01, 2012

Ten of a Kind: Ten Characters Who Have Zero Chance of Ever Being Featured in "365 Days with..."

And keep in mind I'd spotlight NFL Superpro before I would any of these. Hey, why not submit your own character who you'd never feature every day a year (he said, in a shameless ploy for comments)?

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Stergios Botzakis said...

My nevers:

Garfield the Cat
The Sentry
Kyle Rayner

Bully said...

I almost picked The Sentry, Sterg, then I remembered the excellent Age of the Sentry miniseries. And I'd never diss Kyle Rayner on this site...Bully Supporter First Class SallyP likes him too much, and I like her!

Isaac said...



High Evolutionary.

But it'd be a lot more fun to pick ten characters I actually would want to feature for a full year.

H said...



Cousin Oliver

Luke said...

Wait- did that work? If not, I say again: "Wild Dog!"

And if it did work... well, I geuess I said it twice.

Rodrigo said...

deadpool, cause that thing gets old real fast.
and deathstroke. no fun!

or cable

Anonymous said...

Honcho from Team America

Snuffy Smith



-- MrJM

Delta said...

Night Thrasher would be near the top of my list, too.

Big Guy.
Power Pack.
Mister Sinister.

I wonder if you could do 365 Days of all Jean Grey either dying or getting resurrected (a lot of re-telling, of course)?

Chris Sims said...

You don't like Cheryl?

I thought I knew you, Bully.

timber-munki said...

Mr A.

SallyP said...

Wait...Kyle? Them's fightin' words, my friend!


As for characters that I would never feature...!

Red Tornado (not Ma Hunkel, the other one)
Kari Limbo
Jason Todd

Scott Bryan said...

To NOT see?

Despero as a good guy/Lron

As for those others have picked, I personaly like Power Pack, Gambit, Kyle, Jade and Red Tornado.

Of course my fav to see someday would be Plastic Man but everyone knows that by now.

Prankster said...

Yeah, kinda surprised to see Cheryl Blossom and Richie Rich on this list. Though I guess I've never read more than a couple of Cheryl's stories...I always thought she was basically just a red-headed Veronica. Maybe there's something horrible about her I'm unaware of.

Mag said...

Starfire & Quicksilver

KC45s said...


Any character with the word "Thing" in their name. Except, ironically, The Thing.

Blue Gargantua said...

Oh thank goodness!

This means I can still hope to see 365 Days with Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose.

Jason A. Quest said...

Just curious if you've read any Bomb Queen.

Bully said...

Jason: Yes.