Monday, April 04, 1988

Visit Scenic Hell's Kitchen, Right Now

Panel from Black Widow: The Coldest War [aka Marvel Graphic Novel #61] (April 1990), script by Gerry Conway; pencils by George Freeman; inks by Ernie Colon, Mark Farmer, George Freeman, Mark Harris, Val Mayerik, and Joe Rubinstein; colors by Lovern Kindzierski; letters by Ron Muns

Monday, March 21, 1988

Have you done your differential calculus today?

Panel from The Draft one-shot (July 1988), script by Mark Gruenwald and Fabian Nicieza; pencils by Herb Trimpe; inks by (inhale) Kyle Baker, Mike Gustovich, Klaus Janson, Lee Weeks, and Keith Williams (exhale); colors by Michael Higgins; letters by Jim Novak

Tuesday, January 26, 1988