Monday, December 31, 1984

Happy New Year's Eve, Superman!

...but you can't go to any parties until you take care of the giant floating whirlpool.

Splash page from DC Retroactive: Superman: The '80s one-shot (October 2011), script by Marv Wolfman, pencils and inks by Sergio Cariello, colors by Andrew Elder, letters by Pat Brosseau

...Also, don't forget to read your copy of Crisis on Infinite Earths #7.

Monday, November 26, 1984

Today: Earth-2 Batman cuts a sweet deal with Senator McCarthy

Panel from America vs. the Justice Society #1 (January 1985), co-plot and script by Roy Thomas, co-plot by Dann Thomas, pencils by Rich Buckler, inks by Alfred Alcala and Bill Collins, colors by Adrienne Roy, letters by David Cody Weiss