Sunday, July 02, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 183: I feel like slapping a henchman today (slap slap)

Yesterday we examined the beginning of Spider-Man's Crisis on Campus/Great Tablet Saga, and today (and in the next issue) the story continues, as it is wont to do. hey, why not let Spidey explain it all for you? He's good at that.

Panels from Amazing Spider-Man (1963 series) #69 (nice) (February 1969); plot and layouts by John Romita, Sr.; script by Stan Lee; finishes by Jim Mooney; letters by Sam Rosen

Meanwhile, over at the subplot, Kingpin continues to plot the theft of the mysterious tablet. Also: he is a wee bit touchy about one subject.

Whoa, a bit of a reflexive reaction there! Still, no harm done:

In the last issue, Randy Robertson and the student protestor have been arrested, and it's surely time for Matt Murdock, The Only Lawyer in New York™ tio make an appearance. Or maybe not! Complicating matters: the police and other authorities think the protest gang were responsible for the bombs thrown by the Kingpin. Dad Robbie Robertson takes some time from his busy schedule of recording at Big Pink to counsel his son.

And everyone's favorite go-go girlfriend of the 1960s argues with the protestors (now picketing the police stand where Randy and the others are being held). WHOA another jerk slap! That's two in one issue! And that's why Stan proudly declared Amazing Spider-Man "The World's Slappiest Comic Book!"

Spider-Man tracks down the famous MacGuffin Tablet...

...The Kingpin gets trapped and captured by the police...

...Kingpin implicates Spidey in the tablet theft...

...forcing Peter to vow that from now on, it's every Spider-Man for himself!

Tune in tomorrow, next Spider-time, same Spider-Channel (WASM-8, Passaic, NJ), to see the all-new, all-vicious, Menacing Spider-Man! he's savage and surly and he don't care who knows it, baby!

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Blam said...

Not that I don't love a good Robbie Robertson / Robbie Robertson joke and, well, all the other stuff here, but my #1 takeaway from this is... "Zap!"?!?!?