Tuesday, August 02, 2016

A Month of... Board Games! Day 2: Get the Doctor Who Does Both

Prisoners of the Prefusions! Boy, howdy, I tell ya! There's nothing I'd like better than being a prisoner of the Prefusions. Why, I'd be a prisoner all day for the Prefusions and enjoy every dang minute of...what's that?...Oh, I'm sorry, I've made another one of my silly mistakes. I thought that said "Prisoner of the Laura Prepons."

Anyway, here's the first (of several this months!) Doctor Who games from the approximately six billion Doctor Who Annuals published in the UK from, oh, 1622 until about now. Annuals in England are a much more intense affair: they're hardbound and come out every year just in time for the holidays so you can ask Father Christmas for the Doctor Who Annual, the Top Gear Annual, the Peppa Pig Annual, the Hey Duggee Annual, and the Empress of Blandings incorporating the Pig-Breeder's Weekly of Schropshire Annual.

This aptly-designed game captures the pure essence of Doctor Who, that is, running down corridors away from rubber monsters. Even tho' the Prefusions are non-canon. Anyway, print out, clip it out, and play and enjoy!

"Prisoners of the Prefusions" from Doctor Who Annual 1979 (World Distributors, September 1978)
(Click picture to Post-fusion-size)

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eric said...

I think of it as Tom Baker's 'Al Jolson' pose...