Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Month of... Pancakes! Day 31: The Ultimate the hands of a human!

If you have a good memory and haven't dulled your senses this month by eating too many pancakes (as if that was a thing!), you might remember back on Day 5 I promised you yet another recipe for Humanity's Greatest Cuisine aside from Jubilee's open-the-box instructions back then.

And it's the big one, folks. Don't ever say that Comics Oughta Be Fun! never treated you to the Greatest Secret of the Marvel Universe:

Pin-up page from Untold Tales of Spider-Man [Annual] '96 one-shot (December 1996); script by Kurt Busiek, pencils by Pat Olliffe, inks by Pam Eklund, colors by Steve Mattsson, letters by Richard Starkings (?)

Now that I have trusted this Secret of the Elders to you, it is your task to make wheatcakes. And mail me one.

(Here's another wheatcake recipe, preferred by silent film star Charlie Chaplin!)

Next month (er, tomorrow)...something else!

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See? No oven!