Monday, December 14, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 348: The fabric of the universe

On a recent trip to Target I discovered this amazing women's top that A) won't fit me and B) consists of a pattern of Marvel Star Wars comics panels!

Man, that's a whole lotta Carmine Infantino for one woman to wear.

Also spotted at your friendly neighborhood Jo-Ann Fabrics: Star Wars material cloth featuring Marvel comics covers!

I want an entire three-piece suit made out of that. And that's not all: check out their huge range (I'm not kidding) of Star Wars material!

Never fear, superhero fans: Jo-Ann's also has you covered with enough Marvel and DC Comics fabrics to build a circus tent out of:

Click photo to Hulk-size

I think you cannot deny that this truly is the Golden Age of Star Wars stuff. At least for tailors.

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