Monday, February 10, 2014

At 13th Dimension: "Thirteen Days a Week: A Beatles Comics Countdown"

All this week on 13th Dimension, it's Beatles Week! (I will now pause for you to intone fab, gear, and/or groovy, etc.) My human pal John, who helps me with some of the heavy lifting here, has written about some of the greatest Beatles appearances in comic books—thirteen of them in all, in fact! Tonight, #13-11, starring Mr. Brian Epstein, the Skrull Beatles, and a certain banana colored submersible, which I believe we all have inhabited!

I only regret that John didn't take my suggestion and spotlight this pivotal Beatles moment in comic books!:

Panel from "Superman's Rainbow Face!" in Action Comics #317 (October 1964), script by Otto Binder, pencils and inks by Al Plastino

Holy cow! They're all Jane Wiedlin! BE STILL MY LITTLE STUFFED HEART

Once again, that's Beatles Week at 13th Dimension! A splendid time is guaranteed for all!


Suzanne de Nimes (suedenim) said...

I know there were references to the Beatles in Superman comics, but I like the notion that the Earth-1 Beatles were all girls!

kkovats said...

I love the denseness of this ONE panel...

1. Does Superman always cancel TV appearances when his arch-enemies are free?

2. Lana Lang has time to run a TV show.

3. Free performances prevent juvenile delinquency (I guess it does cut down on "ticket scalping")

4. Of all people to step in when Lana has a cold, it is Lois.

5. "ME-TV", Earth-1's FIRST cable TV channel.

6. "Beatlettes"! (was this due to Red K?)

Bully said...

I know, kkovats! Brian Bendis would take six issues to get through all that!