Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Hey Girls, More Comics!

In sharp relief with the Lois Lane ad I posted earlier, which is cluelessly misogynistic (but I imagine not intentionally meant to be hurtful to anyone)...take a big steaming gander or goose at this one-page gag (accent on the gag) humor strip from a Charlton romance title:

"Mannequins" from Just Married #107 (September 1975), creators unknown

Geez, wow. Even Reggie Mantle is never that much of a complete jerk.

Shame on you, comic that was made for girls in the first place.


Ron Hogan said...

This comic MUST be missing the panel where Linda kicks Don in what, to protect the delicate ears of a five-year-old little stuffed bull, we will call a very sensitive part of the anatomy.

It isn't? For shame, Charlton Comics. For shame.

SallyP said...

That's just...mean!

Matthew Johnson said...

90% sure that's Joe Staton on the art, either pencils or inks. His faces are unmistakeable (see panel 3).

Bully said...

Matthew, I think you're right! Good eye! Consider yourself hereby awarded a non-sexist Bull-Prize for identification above and beyond the call of duty!