Saturday, June 22, 2013

365 Days of DC House Ads, Day 173: DC Radio/TV/Movie Comics House Ads Week, Day 7: Welcome back to that same old place that you laughed about

House ad for the DC TV Comics: Shazam!; Isis; Welcome Back, Kotter; and Super Friends, printed in Secret Society of Super-Villains #3 (September-October 1976)


Blam said...

First of all: The hover-text on Shazam! is brilliant.

Second of all: I love this year of House Ads but Radio/TV/Movie Week has been particularly great (maybe because it hit my 1970s Golden Age sweet spot more than once). Extra points for video!

Third of all: While the Legion of Doom didn't have a Wendy and Marvin of their own, the five villains on the Super Friends cover you show each had a sidekick/villain-in-training. They called themselves the Super Foes and there was also a Golden storybook along the same lines called Return [or Revenge] of the Super-Foes. I think it was written, like the comics, by E. Nelson Bridwell.

Bully said...

Thank you and thank you, Blam! And I definitely did not know the third point; I'll have to hunt that up! Thanks again!

Blam said...

You're quite welcome. I did a quick Google and Rob Kelly at The Aquaman Shrine has a writeup of the book (Super Friends: The Revenge of the Super Foes) with images that are way more pristine than the copy I've had since childhood; I'm not sure how he could get pictures that good-looking without breaking the spine to scan pages and clean them up on the computer, but if he did then more power to him. My guess is that it'll be a lot easier to find the first issue of Super Friends the comic book, if not exactly cheap anymore, but there's a lot to like in that whole series if you're fond of Bridwell's knowledge and creative use of DC mythology.