Friday, June 07, 2013

365 Days of DC House Ads, Day 158: DC takes out advertising space on Wonder Woman's rear end*

Two-page house ad for World of Krypton #2 (August 1979), All-Out War #1 (September-October 1979), and Time Warp #1 (October-November 1979), printed in Batman #313 (July 1979)

Comic cover art: World of Krypton #2: pencils by Ross Andru, inks by Dick Giordano
All-Out War #1: pencils and inks by Joe Kubert, colors by Tatjana Wood
Time Warp #1: pencils and inks by Mike Kaluta

(Click picture to Rao-size)

A couple observations: the ad appears to say that the World of Krypton issue is #3, but that's actually the cover to #2.

And notice that two of the captions on the ad version of All-Out War are changed by the time the comic goes to press: "The Viking from Hell" becomes "The Viking Commando"; seeing as this is his first appearance, it's a good thing they decided on a name that wouldn't have the comic taken away from newsstands by parents irate over the double hockey-sticks word. (Altho' you could definitely buy the comic book Son of Satan.) And thankfully, "Soul Brother with Wings" become just "Brother with Wings." Also: The Viking Commando got an Army helmet pasted onto his head. All he needs now is a pair of little wings pasted onto the helmet.

*Once you've seen it, you can't unsee it.


Michael N. said...

What a great time for comics, though. New art by Ross Andru, Mike Kaluta and Joe Kubert? I'd buy those! I think was Ditko art in that Time Warp, too.


Krypton is a giant planet,but artist insist on drawing still more two block long cities.poffesional artist or just dam lucky?