Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ten other comic book characters who will be appearing in "Age of Ultron"

As reported today on ComicsAlliance:
Marvel Comics, via The New York Times, announced this morning that Angela—a character created by Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane in the pages of Spawn, the rights to whom were contested between the two creators for years—will be appearing in the Marvel Universe, making her Marvel debut in the pages of the publisher's current Age of Ultron series.
Angela? Sister Angela of the All-Faith Mission, who hasn't appeared in Marvel Comics in over 44 years? She's coming back? Hooray!

Page from Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.* #7 (December 1968), co-plot and script by Archie Goodwin; co-plot, pencils, and inks by Frank Springer; letters by Artie Simek

Oh, wait...wrong Angela.

But that's not all! You know, just like the return of Hawkeye wasn't the event that broke the internet in House of M, that there are even more surprises to come! Like dramatic plot twists: Hank Pym...does something stupid! Spider-Man...cracks a joke! And Captain America...stands up!

And Marvel isn't stopping at Angela, everyone's favorite metal-thong-clad messenger from God! My sources at Marvel (Willie Lumpkin III, the mailroom boy) tell me that's not the only surprise comic book guest star who'll be appearing in Age of Ultron! Yes, it's another green-light Bully exclusive! Remember, you heard it here first. INVEST IN THESE ISSUES NOW!!! And here they are...

Ten Other Comic Book Guest Stars Who Will Appear in Age of Ultron!




Flaming Carrot!

Adam WarRock!

Maggie and Hopey!


The Powerpuff Girls!

Stan Lee!


Naw, probably not that last one.

*Spawn Has Infiltrated Every Last Dalek


-- MrJM said...

"Stan Lee created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby."

I. Love. Bully.

-- MrJM

SallyP said...

I WISH that Herbie was showing up! He'd show that Ultron what for!