Thursday, December 27, 2012

366 Days with Alfred Pennyworth, Day 362

Two-page spread from Batman and the Outsiders Special one-shot (March 2009) script by Peter J. Tomasi, pencils by Adam Kubert, inks by John Dell and Sandu Florea, colors by Chris Chuckry, letters by Steve Wands
(Click picture to tearjerker-size)


Blam said...

First: The wrong credits were pasted in, suggesting a strange and entirely different issue.

Second: I really appreciated this scene, which for me is Exhibit A in the incredulous occurrence that is "Why the heck was Peter Tomasi stuck with The Outsiders instead of being allowed to write Dick Grayson as Batman in one of the flagship titles after his stellar, too-short-lived turn on Nightwing?"

Bully said...

D'oh! Where'd I get those credits?!?. Thanks, Blam!, and corrected.