Friday, August 06, 2010

Here comes the story of the Hurricane

Panels from the Hurricane story "The Devil and the Green Plague", in Captain America Comics #2 (April 1941), by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

In five consecutive panels...not even a full comic book page...there's more action, excitement, explosions, death, angst and tiny, tiny heads than in ten or fifteen modern "deconstructed" comic books.

After the War, of course, Hurricane set out on a walking tour of America. Punching everyone where ever he went. Great action hero, had a few anger management problems.

This is from a reprint; hence the modern colors. And say, does it look to you too like Hurricane's name has been relettered? Whatever his original name was, Hurricane has now been retconned to be The Eternals member Makkari. That Neil Gaiman Eternals series coulda used a few shrunken skulls, huh?

Anyway, that's the story of Hurricane.


Kid Kyoto said...

I think he was originally Mercury given his head wings and that he was retconned to be the Eternal Markuri (or however it's spelled).

I don't have the story but I do have a reprint of another WWII era Mercury story from the Kirby HC Marvel did a few years back.

Johan Urban said...

Hi there... Anyone know where I can get a (digital) copy of the whole story?
I really need to see the rest of it.


Johan Urban

Michael Fountain: Blood for Ink said...

Johan's searching for a relative among the shrunken heads.