Friday, June 18, 2010

Zuvembie Apocalypse!

Hey Vizh! What recent trend in alternate universes and variant covers are you really sick and tired of?

Vizh/Scar #1
Panel from Vision and the Scarlet Witch v.2 #1 (October 1985), script by Steve Englehart, pencils by Richard Howell, inks by Andy Mushynsky, colors by Janet Jackson and A. Philips, letters by L. Lois Buhalis

Special bonus: The Vision in a turtleneck!

Avengers #92
Splash page portion from Avengers #92 (September 1971), script by Roy Thomas, pencils by Sal Buscema, inks by George Roussos, letters by Sam Rosen

Hey, that turtleneck looks a little tight on Vision's Ultron-sculpted bod. How do you suppose he can squeeze in and out of clothes that snug, huh?

Avengers #92

And now you know why it's fun to go to the mall with the Vision:
he hardly takes any time to try on clothes.

(See also: The Vision in a Sweater!)

Special extra chess nerd bonus: take a look at Vision's chess problem. Why, that is an unusual variant of the English Opening...seeing as the English Opening is 1.c4 and the Vision's board actually shows 1.f4! I'm just nitpicking, but I can't see how the usual piece of the English Opening, the king's bishop's pawn, can have already been captured from the placement of the pieces. But, ya know...comic book chess. And I welcome someone with more chess knowledge than me correcting me!

Well, if he's going to learn an unusual opening, he's got the right book: chess grandmaster Leonid Stein was renowned as the "Master of Attack". Sadly, he would die in 1973, two years after the publication of Avengers #92, at the young age of 38. I dearly hope that before he passed, the Vision got a chance to meet and play a friendly game or two against Stein. I think Stein would have enjoyed pitting himself against an artificial man. After all, in chess...even an android can ply.


SallyP said...

Now this confuses me. If it is so hot out that Quicksilver refuses to go walk in the park with his sister, why is the Vision wearing a turtleneck? Why is Wanda wearing a coat and boots? Where on earth did she get that skirt? Who styles Pietro's hair?

I'll...I'll stop now.

Tim XP said...

Why is Vizh wearing his full costume under his clothes? Cowl and everything. It's like Tony Stark showing up for a board meeting wearing a suit jacket over his armor, and the Vision isn't even drunk.

Brian said...

Not to mention he has the board at a 90 degree angle. (White square on your right).