Thursday, October 08, 2009

Waiter, please take away these ten thousand spoons when all I need ten thousand forks

La Petite AbeilleAll that talk and YouTube videos yesterday about one of my favorite topics—waffles—made me a mite peckish for those delicious hot 'n' crispy breakfast treats, so it was off today into Manhattan to Petite Abeille, my favorite Belgian restaurant in the Big Apple. How Belgian is it? So Belgian that Hercule Poirot eats here.

In fact, I was so hungry that I vowed to eat

10,000 WAFFLES!

So, come along with me, won't you, to eat 10,000 Waffles! Or, as they say in Belgium, "Volg me en eet tienduizendtalwafels." Make sure you keep count along with me, okay?

One of the best things about Petite Abeille is their exclusive Belgian waitstaff. Here, a young waiter takes my order, then disappears for six months into Tibet with his fluffy white dog.
Me an' my pal Tintin the boy reporter

Ah, the menu! Or, as we say in Belgium, the "menu". And hey, look, Bumblebee from the Teen Titans is on it. I wonder how much she makes for that endorsement deal.
I'll have one of each, please

Ah ha! Voila! 'Ere is, as you say, le waffle section. I zhall 'ave ten thouzhand of zese, s'il vous plait! Eight thousand with whipped cream, fifteen hundred with nutella, and five hundred with speculoos.
Ah, waffles! This looks like the section for me

All good restaurants have some form of entertainment to keep you amused while the specialty chefs in the kitchen are preparing your beautifully handcrafted meal. And if you're ordering ten thousand of them, you're gonna have a little bit of a wait. That's why I'm lucky that Petite Abeille offers a lending library of Tintin paperbacks, in both English and French! I think I'll choose this Hergé classic to while away my waffle-anticipatory wait.
This one's a good one.

There's always high adventure, action, thrills and laffs at Marlinspike Hall! And this special edition of Tintin is actually scratch 'n' sniff! Let's see what this page smells like...mmmmmm, Captain Haddock's whisky!
Look out, Captain Haddock! Look out!

Don't fill up on bread! That's how they get you.
Don't fill up on bread! That's how they get ya.

Hey, who ordered mac 'n' cheese for an appetizer? Oh well, it looks delicious! Nom nom nom nom nom!
First, some mac 'n' cheese for an appetizer

It's always a good idea to choose a beverage that compliments your meal. I intensely consultated with Petite Abeille's sommelier, who informed me with not even a tiny bit of snootiness that white wine goes with fish, and red wine goes with meat, but waffles are best complimented with a fine local Belgian brew. What the heck, bring me a bucket of the stuff!
I'm not a think as you drunk I am.

I think I drank it too fast. (hic)
Ow my achin' head

Hoorah! Waffle #1 has arrived! Mark that down...waffle number one. Let's get started on it right now!
Yum! Let me get started on Waffle #1

Mmmmmm...that was good. But I'm kinda full now. How many more do I have to eat?
I'm gettin' a little full

I think I better take the rest of them "to go."
I think I'll have to take the rest "to go"

Luckily, when I was heading home, I saw the Rickshaw Nice Dumplings van! Yummmm...I'm so hungry, I'm going to eat ten thousand dumplings!
The Rickshaw Nice Dumplings van is in Park Slope, hoorah!


Anonymous said...

I've heard bad things about that dumpling truck. Why is that?

Evan Waters said...

I dunno, it looks nice to me. (Ba-dump-bish!)

Sea-of-Green said...

Mmmm, dumplings!

SallyP said...

It sounds as though somebody's eyes are bigger thant their stuffing!