Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bully's Sketchbook: Lilli Carré

Hey, it's shaping up to be Sketchbook Week here on Comics Oughta Be Fun! (Which is another way of saying, whoo boy, it's a busy week, so bask in the joy that is primarily illustration-based posts!) So set your flux capacitors for that far-in-the-past era of October 2008, when I packed up my tiny carpetbag (full of tiny carpets) and hied it down to Washington, DC for SPX: The Southern Pajama Expo! Oh, wait...I've mixed up my conventions again, I think. It was actually the Small Press Expo, at which I was delighted to shake the talented hand (and she my jelly-smeared hoof) of Miss Lilli Carré, who was there promoting her brand-new fearsomely frantic Fantagraphics folio title The Lagoon, a delightful and beautiful graphic novel even tho' it did not have anything to do with, as I first thought, the Skipper, Gilligan, the Professor and the rest.

Lilli sketched me in my ever-present sketchbook, and what a sketch!
Bully, by Lilli Carré

Golly! I look worried there! It is certainly another side of the Bully personality, because after all I am a Very Small Animal and apt to be eaten alive at any moment with nasty pointed teeth by Hoozles, Whuffalumps, or Ozzy Osbourne. Oh yeah, like you've never worried the same thing yourself!

Me and Lilli Carre

Thank you, Lilli Carré, for the beautiful sketch! And believe me, folks, her books are just as gorgeous! Why not order one, or two, or a bunch of them up today? C'mon!! You know you wanna!

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