Monday, March 16, 2009

A Visit to Bergen Street Comics!

Bonjour from Brooklyn, my home town! Here we are in beautiful Park Slope, my own stompin' grounds (please do not stomp after ten PM), and I'm out and about to Bergen Street (just off Flatbush Avenue, take the 2 train to Bergen Street and look for the giant cow statue outside Pintchik Hardware), making a voyage to the new comic book and graphic novel shop in the neighborhood, Bergen Street Comics. Come along with me, woncha? (C'mon! I'll buy you an issue of Action Philosophers, 'kay?)

Today's excursion is to Bergen Street Comics

Bergen Street Comics is run by friendly, amiable Brooklyn locals Tom and Amy Adams, who greeted me with a smile and a cheerful hello as I strolled in through the door. And it's not like they knew I was a celebrity or nothin'...I coulda been any little stuffed bull wandering into the shop! We didn't get a chance to go to their opening party the evening before, but Amy told us it had been a roaring success with lots of people and a good deal of celebration. Way to go, guys!

Where's Bully? It's like Waldo, but with comics. And Bully.
It's a gorgeous space...bright and airy but also warm and cozy, well-stocked but not overcrowded. The store is "L" shaped which allows a nice open space towards the back, and the walls have original artwork by the rotating current exhibiting artist. There's a wide range of recent floppies, both superhero and indies, against the back wall in an wide rack, and apparently even this space will be expanded in the not-too-distant future.

But where I was really impressed with Bergen Street is their very strong selection of graphic novels, displayed prominently not only on a large release table:

So much to see and read on the display table

...but also in extensive subject sections around the store that'll appeal to your interests in any type or category of graphic novels. Say that you like Ed McBain or Len Deighton? Well, they've got crime graphic novels for you, bub!:

You'll never take me alive, coppers!

In addition to well-rounded subject sections, lots and lots of indie graphic novels by Fantagraphics, Dark Horse, Oni, Drawn + Quarterly, First Second, more publishers large and small, lotsa manga, and large shelves of DC/Marvel—Bergen Street is also a very kid-friendly shop, with all-ages graphic novels located close to the ground (hooray on behalf of us short beings!) and right in front of the register.

Hooray! Books I'm allowed to look at

You know me: I can't step hoof inside a good shop without digging into my change purse, so I picked up a stack of cool stuff and trotted off to the register. Tom rang us up and chatted with us cheerfully. I think I've discovered my new LCS!

Tom rings up our purchases

Bergen Street Comics will be doing signings and other events, plus participating in Free Comic Book Day, but don't wait for a special occasion to visit—if you're in the New York/Brooklyn area, it's well worth a visit. It's very cheering to see beautifully laid-out and well-managed shops like Bergen Street, Rocketship and Desert Island in Brooklyn, and I wish them well and hope they thrive. I do stump for Amazon a bit in this blog, but don't think I only shop by oughta always support your local comic book store! Drop by, say hi to Tom and Amy Adams, pick up a few fun comics and GNs, and tell 'em a little stuffed bull sent ya!

I will come by and help you finish putting up your sign, Tom and Amy


Dean said...

look for the giant cow statue outside Pintchik Hardware

A relative? :)

Novice said...

My 3 year old now loves your site. We just had this conversation.

"Das a cow!"

"That's a bull, Sam. He's a boy cow."

"Das a boooo."

l. nichols said...

I saw the sign on the corner the other night while driving home from somewhere down Flatbush Ave., and I was like... did I just miss the fact that this store existed for the entire time I've been living here?

Maybe once I get back from the Webcomics Weekend, I'll take the Q up and stop by. Rocketship and Desert Island are both a little far/difficult to get to from where I am in Brooklyn, so I'm glad to see something a little closer!