Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Peaceful poetics/Beautiful eastern verse forms/Lois Lane haiku.

Clark Kent, where are you?
That man is never around.
Look, it's Superman!

Let me puncture Clark
With this pin. If he's super
He won't feel a thing.

This story is hot!
A Pulitzer Prize for sure.
How do you spell "splayed"?

Lois Lane

Jimmy, get that shot!
That's front page material.
Ow! Your watch is loud.

So, Smallville, let's go.
It's your turn to buy me lunch.
I'll have...where'd you go?

You're a fiend, Luthor!
Superman will stop you cold.
What's with the green rock?

Lois Lane

My own comic book?
Cancelled. Never was written
By Grant Morrison.

How come Supergirl
Has her own comic? I don't.
Need a belly shirt.

Here's that story, boss.
No thanks to Clark; he's AWOL.
He missed Superman.

Hatcher? Kate Bosworth?
Margot Kidder? Who the hell
Hired them as me?

Superman can't see
That I love him, but he saw
My pink underwear.

Lois Lane

"I am Curious
(Black)"? So, what the hell was Bob
Kanigher smoking?

I told you, Jimmy
The man's got a heart of gold.
But don't call him chief.

Final Crisis? Hah!
The only crisis 'round here
Is my missed deadline.

Lois Lane

Maybe Superman
Will ask me to marry him
If I kill Lana.

Can you read my mind?
Do you know what I'm thinking...
Hey! Don't you let go!

Look, up in the sky!
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...
Hey, where did Clark go?


Sea-of-Green said...

LOL! Marvelous. :-) Well done, Bully!

Anonymous said...

'need a belly shirt'