Friday, January 30, 2009

FFotomontage: The Next Generation

FF: WGCM #98Hey, kids, look what I found! Only two days after posting a potpourri of photomontage collages from Jack "King" Kirby's Fantastic Four, I was re-reading the twelve-issue 2001 retro-style miniseries Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comics Magazine. The series is a great romp that I oughta get around to reviewing one of these days, since I consider it one of the most fun comics ever! A veritable modern Bullpen of Marvel artists joined together to create a mega-cosmic FF story in the style of Lee and Kirby, creating a retcon adventure that fits between Fantastic Four #100 and 101 and involves our Fearlessly Frenzied foursome teaming up with virtually every other hero in the Marvel Universe of 1970, from Spider-Man to Captain Mar-Vell, up against a crazed Doc Doom wielding the Cosmic Cube against Galactus. It's Lee-tastic and Kirby-riffic!

I'd re-read the series to see if I could find a buncha good Ben Grimm images (and boy howdy, did I!) but the big surprise was the final page of issue #8 (pencilled by Rick Veitch and inked by Terry Beatty), which is a homage not only to the style of Kirby but also to his fantastic photomontages, as cosmic-powered Doom leaps into the Negative Zone. So, here's a special bonus Friday FFotomontage, in the style and spirit of Kirby but with the dreamtastic drama of Roarin' Rick!:

Jack Kirby-style photomontage by Rick Veitch, from Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comics Magazine #8 (September 2001)
Page from Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comics Magazine #8 (September 2001), co-plotted by Erik Larsen & Eric Stephenson, script by Kurt Busiek, layouts by Erik Larsen, pencils by Rick Veitch, inks by Terry Beatty, colors by Eric Stephenson, letters by Richard Starkings & Comicraft

(Click on image to Rarebit Fiend-size)

And, via the kind suggestion of Matthew Alan Smith over at Holy Calamity: The TeamSmithy blog, see Veitch's original photocollage for this page at!


TeamSmithy said...

Mr Veitch talked about that very collage on his blog recently here.

bad wolf said...

Wasn't there an issue of Swamp Thing (in space) where he used this technique? Very nice work as i recall...