Saturday, July 26, 2008

San Diego Comic-Con, Day 3 from Outer Space

You know how I like to say "Stand still in any one place at San Diego Comic-Con and all the Con comes to you eventually?" Well, this morning I was tempted very much to stay in bed and let the Con come to me, because I'm one little weary and hoof-sore bull. But I pulled myself up, brushed myself, and started the day all over again! I'm having a wonderful time but working the Con for 10 or 11 hours at a shot can make Bully a very tired little stuffed bull. Also, all this cheerful talking to folks on the floor has made me a little hoarse. (My kid sister Marshall just said 'You are a little horse? May I ride you around the show?' Oh, how we larfed and larfed. And no, Marshall.)

So here's the whirlwind trip that was Saturday, the busiest day of the Con:

It's easy to overlook among the media companies and film studios and TV networks and appearances by Hollywood stars, genuine celebrities, and Paris Hilton, that it is actually, after all, San Diego Comic-Con. So I celebrated by heading onto the floor, clutching my Hello Kitty change purse in hoof, out to pick up a backpack fulla excellent comics, both mini and maxi.

Hey Kids, Comics!

There's ever so much rich, four-colory, buttery comics goodness at the show it may be tempting to blow all your money at the first booth you see:

All the comics are standing up to get a good look at me!

But hang onto some onto your hard-earned, Grit-sellin' cash, because there's always more inventory around the corner:

I'll have one of each, please.

I think I've had dreams where I'm rolling around in piles like this. Naked.


After security has removed me from the comics' sellers section and made me put my clothes back on, I venture over to the action figure aisle, where I spot an old friend at an incredible price. I'm pretty sure Mister Grimm did not intend for his action figure to sell for that much on the after-market!

$45! I'm pretty sure Mister Grimm did not intend his toy to be sold for that much

In the end I settled for buying just one action figure. Now all I need to do is figger out where to display it at home! (Also, how to get it into my luggage:)

Is that you in there, Mister Stark?

Attending one of Comic-Con's hundreds of panels and discussions is a good way to get off your aching hooves for an hour or so. In very much enjoyed going to the Will Eisner tribute panel, with, from left to right, Michael Uslan, Paul Levitz, Carl Gropper, Denis Kitchen. Not making an appearance: Scarlett Johannson. Ah well, you can't have everything.

Will Eisner Tribute Panel

Despite my best intention, my little button eyes closed for a couple times during the panel. Luckily I could grab a can of invigorating, energizing, caffeine-stuffed Bluto Iced Coffee to vim and vigor myself up. Nice to se Bluto cleaning himself up and getting a real job!

Bluto heartily endorses this iced coffee

Hey, look, it's Archie the Owlship! Hi, Archie! All aboard the smoking, please!

All aboard the Owlship! Please, no smoking.



As usual, the most fun of the Con is meeting and hanging out with new pals. Here's Black Manta, heading over to steal my tuna fish sammich lunch. Get you own, ya big meanie!

Black Manta

Luckily, the Alien was on hand to whip me up a delicious lunch of eggs. Hmmm, why is my tummy rumbling so much?

Shopping with the Alien

It's a lovely day out for everybody at the Con. Here, Henchmen Numbers 21 and 24 enjoy a peaceful Monarch-less afternoon. Say hi to Patricia Heaton and Brad Garrett, guys!

Henchmen 21 and 24

Of course little stuffed me is going to gravitate towards the other, carryable, plush guests of the Con. Here's one of the few attendees who aptly deserves the adjective "Great," Gonzo!:

The Great Gonzo

And here's one of the other folks who fall in the great category: Comics Buyer's Guide's Maggie Thompson! She's delightful and seriously nice!

Maggie Thompson is seriously nice

Here I am hangin' out with my fabulous Dino-Friends, Mister Martin and Mister Sinatra. Whatcha lookin' at, guys? Some fabulous dames?

Hangin' out with Dino and Frank. Whatcha lookin' at, guys?

Here's Scott Shaw! and Sergio Aragonès. The line to meet these guys was a mile long! But well worth it.

Scott Shaw! and Sergio Aragones

Here, Imperial stormtroopers escort away a rebel spy, to interrogate, torture, and execute him later aboard a Star Destroyer. Death to rebel scum! Also, they were collecting canned food for a food drive.

Stormtroopers cart away a young rebel criminal

And oh yes. I met Tarot.

There's no more perfect end to a busy day than to laugh yourself silly, so I was happy to have scored tickets to the Live Rifftrax show at downtown San Diego's Balboa Theater to Rifftrax Live, featuring the Rifftrax/former-MST3K crew: Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy (with a speciual, t-shirt-kickin' appearance by Mike's wife and former Nuveena, Bridget Jones Nelson! The guys cracked wise through a screening of a color version of one of the worst films ever made, the infamous Plan Nine from Outer Space, delighting the audience and sending me into continued howls of laughter. In fact, I laughed so hard milk came out of my nose. And I was not drinking any milk.

That was a long day! So I'm off to bed and heading to Morpheus-land. More tomorrow, the final day of the Con! Stay tuned, Bully-boosters!


Dan said...

Hi Bully! Nice to meet you at the Con, and great reporting!

Gray said...

That Black Manta costume is AMAZING. And shows how hugely unpractical that design really is...