Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Laurell K. Hamilton a Week #666: Incubus Dreams

Tonight's evil novel by the truly sinister Laurell K. Hamilton is the vile and perverse Incubus Dreams, surely the most evil book published in 2004. In this one, sexy vampire hunter Anita Blake has many unpleasant and unctious adventures which are just smutty enough for romance readers but not pornographic enough for the rest of us who are truly, truly evil. Crack open the book's slimy, oily cover and you'll find...

To be concluded.


lucy-anne said...

Don't forget penguins.

If it's LKH, there are penguins.

And we all know how evil they are.

SallyP said...

Oh God, he's exposing Marsall and Snuckles to Anita Blake Porn? Is there no limit to the evil of Evil Bullly?

Seriously, that's pretty horrific!

The Fortress Keeper said...

Well, at least its not A James Patterson a week.