Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sweet Luke Cage's Baadasssss Christmasssss

Hey, Luke Cage! What's your favorite holiday?
A Luke Cage Christmas

Um, I'm sorry, you'll have to speak up...what did you say?
A Luke Cage Christmas

Really? I woulda thought you'd say Martin Luther King Jr. Day, or Kwanzaa. But you really prefer...
A Luke Cage Christmas

Well, that's great. I bet you're gonna get some fantastic gifts.
What do you want for Christmas?
A Luke Cage Christmas

So how's the Hero for Hire business? Are you working on any special cases this holiday season?
A Luke Cage Christmas

How do you plan on celebrating Christmas?
A Luke Cage Christmas

Really? When do the festivities begin?
A Luke Cage Christmas

And I'm sure you'll be decorating the place and making it look so festive! Say, where do you think you'll put your Christmas tree this year?
A Luke Cage Christmas

Whoops, speaking of Santa, here he comes!
A Luke Cage Christmas

I think you're right! But you'd better get to bed, Luke. If you don't Santa will never come. You can't stay up all night!
A Luke Cage Christmas

Oh, you know, Mister Cage, I'm been trying to remember...that song "Last Christmas"...who was that sung by?
A Luke Cage Christmas

Well gosh, thanks for talking to us, Mister Cage. One last question: if you were to read any kind of little stuffed animal blogger, which one would be your favorite?
A Luke Cage Christmas

Happy Sweet Christmas to you too, Luke.


Anonymous said...

hhhahaha great!

saweeet xmas!

Bret said...

Sweet Christmas lil stuffed Bull.

Good Post.

SallyP said...

Oh Bully. This must have taken you HOURS, but it was worth it. Absolutely incrediBULL!

philip said...

James Lipton could learn a thing or two about interviewing from you, Bully.


km said...

"Where's my money, bunny?"

...OK, you are officially my very most favouritest little stuffed blogging bull EVER.

Rick said...

This was very funny. I actually laughed out loud and I needed a good laugh. Sweet Christmas it was good.