Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Great Sound Effects of Our Time

FF #324 panel
Panels from Fantastic Four #324 (March 1989), written by Steve Englehart, art by Keith Pollard and Romeo Tanghal


Blockade Boy said...

Oh, for--!

Boo, Steve Englehart's pop-culture-referencing sound effects! Boo!

(Sorry, I still haven't forgiven him for "RAMBO!")

No offense meant to you, Bully. And I appreciate your bringing this to everyone's attention. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to hop in a Time Bubble and go punch 1980's Steve Englehart in the nose. *QUANTUMLEAP!!!*

Cinephile said...

I think it would've been a lot funnier if the beam said "NARF!"

The Fortress Keeper said...

As much as I respect Blockade Boy, I have to say that this sound effect is teh awesome!

Siskoid said...

My word verification is the sound effect Blockade Boy just made:


Bill D. said...

I dig the sound effect, though I don't think it's particularly ray-gunny.