Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ben Grimm's Dying to Read a Good Book

Happy Halloween from Boo-ly, everybody!

Last year I pointed out how Mister Benjamin J. Grimm enjoys spending his Halloween—reading spooky stories:

But Bashful Benjy's not merely a Halloween-fright-readin' kinda guy, oh no no no no no. (No.) He not only likes reading chilling tales all year long, he's keepin' his big blue eyes on the classics:
The Thing reads Dracula

...and he's also a man thing of discriminating taste, showing he's a fan of the Master of Horror and Suspense, Mister Stephen King:
The Thing reads The Shining

But of course, Ben is more careful reading spooky stories now. After that first encounter, he's more aware of what's going on when he's deep in a Stephen King horror tale, and like his other good pal Roger Daltrey, he won't get fooled again:

Yowza! Well, if there's one thing you learn from this, it's that you oughta never sneak up on the Thing. If there's two things you learn, it's to never stand in front of Ben Grimm when he does one of his tobacco-juice spit takes.

So let's bid farewell to ol' Ben Grimm so he can get started on his new blog "A King a Week" and go off and have our own Happy Halloween. And remember to keep your eyes open—because you may be getting a treat, but there's always a trick behind you!:


Rich said...

So whose hand was that? I gotta know!

Totally fun post...

SallyP said...

Love the sweater, Bully!

J.R. Jenks said...

Yay! Halloween is the best holiday, and I knew Bully'd be celebrating.

Several people at my software company are in costume today, including me as Galactus.

Bully, you've got to get me your mailing address so the next time I make a super costume I can whip up a little one for you.

Les Jones said...

Bully, what was the comic that last panel came from (the one with Spider Man)? I had that book as a kid and would love to find another copy.

Bully said...

Les, that's from Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2 (1977). It's included in Essential MTIO Volume 2.

Les Jones said...

Thanks, Bully. With that clue I found a copy on eBay for ten bucks and snagged it. Nostalgia here I come!