Friday, September 21, 2007

Subscription ads oughta be fun, Part 2!

Marvel subscription ad
"Deck the Halls with Marvel Comics," art by ???
Printed in Marvel Comics dated March 1983 (this was in Fantastic Four #252)

Marvel subscription ad
"Uncanny X-Mas Savings," art by Marc Silvestri (?)
Printed in Marvel Comics dated January 1990 (this was in Damage Control v.2 #3)

Marvel subscription ad
"Bet You Can't Top This Special Offer," art by ???
Printed in Marvel Comics dated December 1982
(this was in Hercules, Prince of Power v.1 #4)

Marvel subscription ad
"Give a Marvel Holiday Gift Subscription," art by John Byrne
Printed in Marvel Comics dated March 1984
(this was in Hercules, Prince of Power v.2 #1)

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Ron Hogan said...

Whoever it was did that first ad, I hope they were never allowed to draw Magneto again.

Jayunderscorezero said...

Needless to say, I would almost certainly freak the hell out if Magneto, Doc Ock and Doom came carolling around my way. Even the ad alone gave me the shivers.

Anonymous said...

Aw, ain't Lockjaw adorable? Bring back The Thing, dagnabbit!

Anonymous said...

'Heed the word of Odin! Fill out the coupon below!!'

...lord, how I do love Marvel. Or, at least, did.

Anonymous said...

I love the "pass the hat" feeling of these ads. As if the characters are "breaking the fourth wall" and admitting that this all just play-acting but they'd like to keep it going as much as you would so maybe you could help out and then we can all get back to the fun!

If only NPR pledge drives were this entertaining ... and brief.

Anonymous said...

Lockjaw, such the cutest lil' dickens there! I remember cutting that one out and giving it to my mom for my birthday present. Unfortunately, she must have ticked the wrong box because I got "Marvel Team-Up" and not my desired X-men subscription. Thx mom!