Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A man for all seasons.

Apparently anyone who posts to the internet, or looks at the internet, or bought something on the internet, or has heard about the internet, or has uncomfortably brushed up against the internet in a crowded subway train, is this year's Time Person of the Year. I dunno about that, mainly because if I see a magazine referring back to me, boy howdy, it better include a big semi-gloss mirrored-laminated panel that presents the illusion that I'm looking into a mirror but which is about as reflective as the bottom of a tuna fish can—in other words, the finest reflection technology the greeting card industry can offer.

Sleestak, inspired by The So-Called "Austin Mayor," challenges us, the winners of Time's Person of the Year, to graciously step aside and nominate some other person worthy of this great magazine-marketing honor. Well, when the cover copy reads that the winner controls an Age, and welcomes you to the winner's World, there is, in the words of Mister Harry Chapin, only one choice:


Well, better him than Bono, I guess.


Walaka said...

The Lady begs to differ.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me, besides, if I *don't* side with Doom, well, you see how long he holds a grudge (Richards!)

Lady Cop might be a bit miffed, but I doubt she'll start a twenty-nine phase infallible plan to do me in.

Take it and run.

Anonymous said...

Humbly submitted, another Christmas Combat Classic, featuring Santa Claus fighting Nazi Battle Robots!


Anonymous said...

What the hey? I meant to post that link above to a thread on a different blog where fighting Nazi Battle Robots was more on point with the particular post.

(Though, the question raises itself, are Nazi Battle Robots *ever* truly off point?)

In any case, sorry, Bully, I didn't mean to post that here.

Bully said...

No harm, no foul, Sue. It's never off topic!

SallyP said...

But...but...I thought that Ragnell already won?

Anonymous said...

It looks like Doom is about to reach out and press the play button himself. That is so Doom!