Friday, December 29, 2006

Beeb poo-poos Who to-do

Because it's come up in some other blogs, here's a bit of official obfuscation from the British Broadcasting Corporation, from today's Metro ("The free London paper you can leave behind to clutter up the Tube!"):
Doctor Who 'is not quitting': Doctor Who bosses have denied that star David Tennant is quitting the show—but said a new series featuring the Scot has not yet been ordered. Tennant, 35, returns for a third series in the spring but reports yesterday claimed it may be his last full series as the Time Lord. The BBC said: 'There is no fourth series currently commisioned, so we cannot confirm his involvement in that.'


Marionette said...

Note that these "reports" of quitting give no source, while the denials come from the company that makes the show. Ie. it's being reported by bored journalists on a slow news day after they just watched the Who xmas special.

I know that Metro looks a lot like a real newspaper, but do not be fooled. If it said the sky was blue I'd assume they had photoshopped the accompanying picture. The only thing worth reading it for is Nemi.

Bully said...

I know that Metro looks a lot like a real newspaper, but do not be fooled.

Oh, you don't have to tell home town is New York City, and we've got a Metro there too which is worth about the price you pay for it. There was one brief shining moment when it was worth picking up because they were running the strip Rocky, but they dropped it a couple weeks later.

Still, there was a dandy full-page profile of bloggers who cover the London Underground in today's London Metro. Annie Mole at the incredible Going Underground got interviewed, and with characteristic Metro accuracy, Annie sez they misquoted her.

Anonymous said...

I am lisening to John Prine at the moment.

I forgot to tell you... at the 13th Cambridge Folk Festival (1978?)

I was in the urinal (Using the urinal, not in it) and Ralph Mctell came in and he weed on my Hush Puppies.



('Hush Puppies' were really odd suade shoes that foolish men wore in England in the 1970s)