Friday, November 03, 2006

War without end.

"I am sick and tired of this war, and I can see no prospects of having peace for a long time to come, I don’t think it will ever be stopped by fighting, the Yankees cant whip us and we can never whip them, and I see no prospect of peace unless the Yankees themselves rebell and throw down their arms, and refuse to fight any longer."— J. T. Gibson, 78th Pennsylvania, Confederate Army

"I cannot believe the people will stand it any longer losing men by the thousands and money by the millions, for no one knows what as the end appears farther than it did in the beginning."—Delavan Bates, 121st New York Volunteers, Union Army, September 22, 1862

"I do not see as the war is any nearer to a close than it was when I enlisted. I am tired of this war. It is not a just war. If I had known as much when I enlisted as I do now I should of never come out."—Henry Howard Preston, 6th New York Calvary, Union Army

"I did think when I left Home that the war would not last over 15 months But now I would not Be Surprised If it last 5 years. Though it may Close Soon & I Hope it will. But I am Pretty certain it will not close Ere our time of Service is out."—Newton Scott, 36th Infantry, Iowa Volunteers, Union Army, July 22, 1864

"Will this War ever end, have we not been Scurged enough?"—Maria D. Noland, Mt. Air, South Carolina, July 19, 1864

"I wish the war would end I am getting tired of it."— James M. Hulen, 6th Regt. Missouri Volunteers, Confederate Army, March 26, 1865

"It looks like everybody will have to be killed before this war will end. I thought some time back that the war would end but it don't look like it will ever end. I hope and trust it will end before long so we can all come home and stay with you all.

Dear Sister I want to see you and the children the worst in the world. Dear Sister, I can say to you we see a hard time out here at this time. We don't get 1/2 enough to eat. When it gets so they can't feed us I think it is time to quit fighting, and the weather is so hot we can hardly stand it. It's almost like death to have to march....

I must come to a close for this time, you must write as soon as you can, So nothing more at this time I remain your brother until death."
—H. J. Douvall, 14th Regiment, South Carolina Volunteer Infantry, Confederate Army, August 10, 1863


Evan Waters said...

On the bright side, at least Marvel seems to have an exit strategy.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Had Marvel embraced the American Civil War as the template for the event, it would have been much cooler.

"General Sherman's army has occupied and burned Atlantis!"

That's something I'd pay to see.

SallyP said...

Very nice commentary Bully.

Eallison said...

Thanks, Bully. You said it better, and with less venom, than I ever could.

You're right, comics SHOULD be fun -- and CW just isn't.

Take it and run.

beta ray steve said...

This is "What If Marvel Comics were as fun as slamming a car door on your hand?".

Roland Dodds said...

Well done comrade.

Steven said...

You know what we have to look forward to in ten years, right?

Civil War re-enactments.

Anonymous said...

I want Civil War to have Super-Lincoln. Is that wrong?